On-page SEO Fixes You Can Perform without Professional Help

easy on page seo fixes
The New Year brings new hope and new resolutions, so what’s for you this year.

Have you made the checklist of SEO in 2019?

Owning a website would ask you to pay attention to its anatomy and cross-check if anything missing there.

To know what’s going behind your website can be optimized only through ON-PAGE Optimization.

Yes…you heard right…it’s On-page that lets you know what valuable Google search recommendations are missing.

The article discovers five major on page mistakes and how to resolve it to keep your website performing fluently.  You can also enroll in off-page SEO solutions to know about SEO (On-page, Off-page) in detail.

Here are those 5 On-page mistakes that cause you hassles

1. Use of <H1> tag in a wrong way

The first thing to look at the website is its titles. A common mistake that most of the websites make is that in a particular page, they use more than one H1 tag.

This may happen when a website theme is not SEO optimized or includes bad programming. But the concern is that this confuses search engine bots.

You need to understand that each page should have only one <H1> HTML tag and this is specifically used for the page title.

Better say the page title which you set for a page also shows within the page HTML content surrounded by <H1></H1>.

You can check if your website is falling prey to this trouble by visiting a page on your site and choose VIEW SOURCE from the browser menu.

This will bring the HTML code of the page and then you can look for “H1” using the find menu. If you see two occurrences i.e. <H1> and </H1> then you have got a problem.

You can fix this problem by yourself by logging in to your Cpanel.

easy on page seo fixes 2

2. Misuse of internal linking

Internal linking is the procedure when the link from one page to another within the same website.

Internal links are much needed for SEO as they enable you to create your own small web by linking your pages together. This way search engines discover pages from your site.

There are some common mistakes a website owner does while linking internally-

  • Using too many internal links
  • Not using descriptive anchor text when linking to another page

Google has notified webmasters to pay attention to internal links as it helps a website navigate in a better way.

  • First, your links should be descriptive and also avoid anchor text like “click here” or other words that confuse Google as well as users about the linking page.
  • Use internal links when and wherever it is necessary.
  • Don’t use tag clouds
  • Whenever you can add, integrate internal links in the main text of the page rather than the sidebar.

See the below-given example of the good internal link –

easy on page seo fixes 3

3. Try to manage your content on a page

Many websites have pages that contain only text in the main area without proper headings, styling or paragraphing. This not only gives a bad experience to users but also something that search engines can’t understand and if it keeps happening again & again, it degrades the quality of the website.

When you publish a webpage text, just don’t paste it even though it’s unique and non-plagiarized, but try to use different headings (h2, H3, & H4), as well as bold, italics to help readers get better readability and they remain engaged with the page.

Many webmasters think that this carries a little importance as Google can’t see a page, but actually, it can and is important for them as well.

easy on page seo fixes 4

4. Large images with no proper tagging

Images are nice and have many benefits to offer to both users and website owners. They can help you make your pages more interesting, more shareable and easier to read.

Images are the content form that delivers benefit to both users and owners of the websites. They can help you make your page more attractive, more engaging, more shareable and better to read.

If you’ve seen images on websites, you would have noticed that good sites optimize them properly. But there are some common mistakes that website owners also do.

General mistakes linked with the use of images are-

  • Using images of too big in file size- If you’re using images that are big file size would slow the speed of your website, and you may find hassles on opening on the desktop as well as mobile devices.
  • Using too many images – Unless you’re an e-commerce or fashion news website, avoid overloading your page with too many images.
  • Not using ALT text – ALT tags help search engines understand what an image is about and not using alt text makes their job much more difficult.

If you find an image attractive and purposeful for your site, even if it is big in size you can use. Reduce the file size Paint or Microsoft Office Picture Manager, and there are many tools help you there. Good file size for an image is 750*500.

Now, if you have to use a bunch of images on a page, it would be better not to add them to full size but use thumbnails to show smaller versions of the images. Now, if users want to see the biggest version of the image, they can click on the thumbnail.

This your page loading will go faster and you’ll provide a better user experience.

Before adding an image to a page, you make sure that you use a descriptive ALT text. The alt text does not need to be separated by ‘-’ but you can use plain text.

Well, you reduced the size of your image or used a thumbnail to show a smaller version of your image to keep page loading faster. Now it’s time to use a descriptive ALT text for your image. The alt text should not be separated by ‘-’  but you can utilize a plain text.

easy on page seo fixes 5


On-page SEO is necessary for the better performance of the website. But, sometimes website owners misunderstand this and don’t put a notion to it.

As such the website gets stuck by several errors which stop them from getting the attention of search engines.

If you don’t want your website to go slow, ensure you’re not making aforementioned On-page SEO mistakes.

Make your website best in the industry.

All the best!!!

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