Essential SEO Techniques to Master In 2018

essential seo techniques to master 2018
If you have heard of SEO and SMO techniques taking a shift on dime, then you are probably on the right track of marketing your business perfectly in the virtual world. We live in a rapidly changing and fast paced world. This means that finding new techniques and using virgin methods to make your business stand out in the clutter is imperative. There could be several hacks that you implemented last year; however they don’t give similar results now as they have gone obsolete.

This will not only hurt your website ranking but also stop driving traffic to your website, eventually. In order to stay on top, you need to hit the target right and steal the show. So, here’s what you can do. Master the following SEO toronto techniques and work your business to scalable heights this year too.

Keyword Strategy – Compete with Long Tail Keywords

When you choose a particular keyword you should know that “this chosen word” may exist in thousands of search results and there are chances that your website will never be seen in the milieu. By putting together keywords which have high content specific target, you will be able to gain ground somewhere. With long tail keywords, your target becomes less competitive and harnesses a higher level of intent. In other words, using the long tail keyword strategy definitely help providing more contexts to the entire content. Here are some pointers to keep in mind –

  • Long tail keywords contain more than three content specific words
  • Take inspiration and suggestions from multiple keyword research tools. This is because you might run out of ideas when using the same keyword research tool always.
  • Use mining analytics to identify the top long tail keywords that are helping to drive traffic.
  • Use powerful algorithms
  • Take learning from the buzz sites like Askville, Quora, and Yahoo answers
  • You can take a lot of inspiration from the how-to websites like e-how and wikihow
  • Discover untapped keywords – Reddit is a great start

Creating High Quality Content

Gone are the days when duplication, tweaking of content and rewrites were “acceptable”. It is time for you to churn out unique content that has 100% relevance to your topics. Include lots of videos, images and infographics to add more weight to your content. Readers steer clear from the regular information to find something new and creative. You have to hit bang on target with your “fit-the-bill” content.
content is king hq content

  • Opt for longer word count articles. Your articles or blog posts should contain 1200 – 1800 words minimum.
  • Your articles/blog posts should contain useful information.
  • Ensure that the content is well researched and has sufficient references by authentic websites/books.
  • You have to make sure that the content is error free, easy to understand and crisp in language.
  • Republish your old blog posts with new and updated content. Readers always look for fresh information.

Amazing quality content works well to drive traffic. Along with it, it is equally important for you to focus on the title and meta description. Do not complicate the content; instead, make it extremely clear and crisp.

Have you heard of the Inverted pyramid style of writing content?

The inverted pyramid style of writing content on your website and blogs is the latest technique that is making waves. It diversifies that entire content into 3 parts –

  1. Most newsworthy Information – These are ideally the questions that the readers are looking for. Let them land on the page and find the information they want immediately; instead of scrolling down all through the article. What, who, why, where, when, how – consider these to get started.
  2. Important Information
  3. Generic Information

It truly makes sense to give out the information first to the readers and then help them grab more information about the subject. This will keep them on the site for a longer time. Also, there is a possibility to convert them into a potential customer.

on page optimization seo
On-Page Optimization: While off page optimization techniques like link building are important, one should keep in mind that on-page optimization is just as important.  It is very controllable and key target areas are site structure, internal links, usability, and keyword optimization, updated version for mobile platforms, customer review forms, social media integration and rich snippets.  All of these areas have a big impact on the user friendliness of a site and quite a few SEO toronto companies are able to do a good job of streamlining all these areas.

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