Google’s Guidelines and Algorithms

googles guidelines and algorithmsOne of the hardest thing to do correctly today as a webmaster is to properly make use of search engine optimization.

What Do I Mean?

The reason why SEO or search engine optimization is such a difficult task to do correctly is mainly because of the reason that Google doesn’t actually want us as webmasters to practice SEO.


Well, it’s not so much that Google doesn’t want us to make use of SEO. The problem lies within incorrect SEO practices, which has lead Google to develop punishment algorithms for webmasters who refuse to toe the line.

What Are Incorrect SEO Methods?

This is such a controversial topic within the SEO community, many people will tell you different opinions, however, there are a few simple points that you have to know.

When you choose to make use of services like an SEO link building Agency, you must make sure that the services that the services are 100% organic and unique.


Google wants all of the websites that they show their customers to be 100% unique and organic, this allows Google to give its users the best customer experience it has to offer.

How Would Google Know about Incorrect SEO Tactics?

Google has put in place two very clear algorithms that the sole purpose of the algorithms is to find and punish webmasters who refuse to play by the book of rules that Google has sent out and the webmasters agreed to.

This book is called the Webmaster’s guidelines.

Now funny enough these two algorithms have names, and the developers of Google sure have a sick sense of humor, because the names of these algorithms are Panda and Penguin.

As I mentioned before the purpose of Panda and Penguin is to find webmasters and their web sites that don’t conform to Google’s Webmaster’s guidelines.

To this day many SEO specialists are unsure of what is exactly in the code for panda and penguin, but they have been able to guess how to avoid panda and penguin by understanding the process panda and penguin use to stop webmasters from breaking the guidelines.

Let’s Recap

One of the hardest things to do today as a webmaster is to correctly use SEO. There are a couple of reasons behind this, one of which being guidelines and punishment algorithms which Google has created.

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that the users of Google get the full experience and when they search for a certain keyword they will find websites that are relevant to that keyword.

The purpose of the two algorithms named Penguin and Panda is to find and punish those webmasters that refuse to follow Google’s web master’s guidelines. The punishment can come in the form of a warning, temporary site disablement and even total removal of the website.

If you are looking at making use of SEO and SEO tactics it is important to know that you can either do it by yourself or you can use an SEO Link Building Agency.

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