The End of Google Penguin 4.0

the end of google penguin 4 0There has been updates of the Google Penguin since the first one in 2012 then 2013 and another one in 2014. Well the version 4.0 released early 2016 is the last update of google penguin. There will be no further updates of Google Penguin since it runs on real time.

What is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin is an algorithm update for Google which is aimed at reducing on how many the search engines are ranked by the black hat SEO which acts against the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. The black-hat SEO artificially increases the rank of a given site by basically manipulating the links that are directs to the page.

The update of the Google Penguin 4.0 Infographic has come with a lot of improvement. It means that it will be able to detect the spam links, which are manipulated to rank a page highly, and put the page to its real ranking while it ranks the others to a better rank according to the links referred to it. This will happen faster this round as it has been developed to be so fast. The Penguin algorithm will be able to detect all rink and assess them to tell if they are spam or not. The update does not only affect the site only but it also goes further to check the folders, pages and even the keywords used to mean that all effects to the ranking of the pages, be it the keywords or what, will be affected by the Google Penguin before the ranking. Using the updated Google Penguin, a site can report of an unwanted ad which has not contacted the site so as it can be removed also an ad that has not made payment to the site and also one that has not given any contacts so as it can be contacted by the site also helps one to create and use a link that is effective by making the contents which relate to the customers, one which are useful and also which are interactive. There is also an option of contacting the webmaster and request them not to follow your link so that you can retain the email threads for all the websites.

The Google Penguin also has some shortcomings. It means that the part that is SEOed part gets to be filtered while the other part tends to be ranked well. It also means that Google becomes extremely powerful which makes all the sites to rely on Google. It is also disadvantageous to the small websites because they tend to get penalized something that is so unfavorable to them. The Penguin algorithm makes the big sites more popular and exposed due to the links that refer them leaving the other sites behind and unexposed. It also makes it difficult for the sites to get profit from the contents that they have originally made.

As a matter of fact, Google Penguin 4.0 is an update that has really hit the heads of many but looking on the bigger picture, it will help in avoiding the black-hat SEO so that ranking can be justified. It also helps to avoid scum pages and ads.

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