Some of the Common SEO Trends That Will Dominate 2015 – Word of Caution for Marketers

some-of-the-common-seo-trends-that-will-dominate-2015-word-of-caution-for-marketersIt is true that the SEO industry of 2015 is almost unrecognizable from that of 2011 and earlier as there are too many changes and developments that have taken place in between. As there were too many algorithm updates that changed the entire SEO industry and the way the internet marketers did business, there are always new trends dominating the industry. If you wish to know some of the most common SEO trends that are going to be predominant in 2015, the concerns of this article will help you out. Check them out.

1. Content marketing will drive search engine rankings

Previously, there was no existence of phrases like content marketing and search engine optimization and even if there was, they could be exchanged whenever needed. Given the overlap between the two, that doesn’t seem surprising at all. However, throughout 2015, content marketing; technical components of online marketing will be the key driver of search engine ranks. SEO will throughout remain a subset of content marketing, dealing with keyword research, indexing issues, meta-tags and penalty recovery.

2. Sites should be mobile optimized

It was in 2014 that it became more than clear that Google was placing a great deal of emphasis on mobile usability. Google has already been testing the mobile-friendly icons next to the search engine results and they have also added a mobile usability section in the Webmaster accounts so that the webmasters can check whether or not their site is performing well on mobile platforms. Now we are also aware of the fact that Google has been penalizing websites that show errors to their mobile users and hence you should be aware of the ways in which you can make your website compatible with mobile devices.

3. Brand mentions will become more powerful

Recently, we have seen that Google started differentiating between implied links and express links. Express links are URLs that lad back to a certain webpage and on the other side implied links can include mentioning a website or a brand without actually linking to that website. Due to the widespread abuse and misuse of link building, Google now gives more emphasis on citations and brand mentions as these can be less manipulated. Marketers should note that these are becoming as vital as “do-follow” links.

4. Negative SEO will be a bigger threat

Negative SEO is when shady people build thousands of spammy links that are pointed to the website of their competitors with the intention of plummeting the competitor’s search engine rank. Although this has been a serious problem since the past few years, in 2015 this will become a bigger threat.

Hence, if you wish to devise the best SEO strategy in 2015, get help of the Los Angeles SEO experts as they can assist you with the best tools and techniques in the market. Give it your best shot to improve your search engine ranking and increase the traffic to your website.

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