WordPress Continues to Be the Best Performing CMS For SEO Results

wordpress best performing cms for seo results
For the Best SEO Results There’s No Reason to Look Beyond WordPress

When it comes to effective and straightforward optimisation, WordPress is still the CMS that sets the standard.


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It’s the CMS that powers almost a third of the internet, but sometimes its very ubiquity leads people to think there must be better options. However, when it comes to getting the best SEO results, there really is no better way than to follow the masses.

The biggest advantage with WordPress is that it is SEO-friendly straight out of the box. Before you even let your freelance web designers loose to work their magic, you already have a head start.

This is thanks to html pages that search engines will easily understand, title tags and headings that are easy to set and forget and a content creation process that is as simple as using a word processor.

Because WordPress keeps design files separate from the content, which is stored in a database, web designers can create and test new themes without having to touch to live site until everything has been fully tested and approved.

Simply choosing WordPress in the first place gives you a head start, but it is also a simple matter to make the most SEO-friendly CMS even more so.

The faster the better

Page loading time is often mentioned as an afterthought when discussing SEO. But here’s the thing, loading the page is the first thing that any visitor does. If they are waiting around for more than three seconds, more than half your potential visitors will give up, hit the back button and try something else. To add insult to injury, if anyone asks them, they will say they had a bad experience on your site.

Provided you use the right host, a good quality theme and keep the site properly maintained, WordPress sites have a tendency to load faster than other CMS options.

Mobile first

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Loading time is a particular consideration on mobile platforms, and we all know that today, the internet is a mobile-first place. In fact, if a site is not mobile-optimised it will not even show up in Google’s mobile results. WordPress has always been ahead of the curve in this regard, and every theme you will find in the WordPress directory is mobile friendly.

Even if your WordPress site has an old theme, there are plugins like Jetpack that can create a mobile version in next to no time.

Following best practice

Of course, there are numerous other areas of SEO to think about, but the great thing about WordPress is that there are simple plugins that takes care of a whole host of them for you. Use something like All in One SEO, and all your meta descriptions, custom keywords and the rest can be dealt with quickly and painlessly.

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Overall, WordPress is the best choice because it handles both technical SEO and content, which are the two most important areas of SEO, very well. Once on a WordPress platform your website can easily be kept updated with the latest SEO recommendations, and you can edit and add new content to stay ahead of your competitors. Title tags and descriptions can be edited to improve click through rates and site navigation can be optimised to enhance the sales funnel. Overall, WordPress really is the best platform for any business website.

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