Best Plagiarism Checker for android in 2021

Checking plagiarism is one of the common practices for students and freelance writers to save their work. Now, this is common that the freelancer writers, marketers, and students use the mobile phone to send their content.

For this, checking plagiarism by turning on the computer is kind of complicated work but now, you can use the Android app for this.

There are numerous plagiarism-checking apps on the apps store but not all the apps are capable of delivering accurate results.

Here are the top 3 plagiarism checkers that are efficient enough to show an accurate result.

1.   Prepostseo

One of the most downloaded and useful plagiarism checker apps is Prepostseo. They are offering the most advanced tool for verifying the originality of your content.

Most of the students use this plagiarism checker for checking their assignments usually because this app has a free version to use and students always consider the free things first.

best plagiarism checker for android in 2021

It contains a lot of features including a quick check and accurate result. The accuracy of the result becomes better as it compares your content with billion of websites and finds similar content.

This tool is quite safe to use because of the storage in your device instead of their database. The inserted data is completely safe and secure as they don’t save any of the parts of your content in the database.

It saves the report in your mobile’s memory and you can use this report later.

Despite pasting the text in the app, it also features the uploading of the document in the form of DOC or PDF while the latest update of this app also features the scanning of the content through taking a picture from the camera.

It offers free plans for students and bloggers where you can check up to 200 queries for free with a word limit of 1000 words.

In premium plans, you get the chance to check up to 8500 queries with a word limit of 25,000 words.

2.   Plagly

At second, plagly comes. This is another efficient plagiarism checking application for a smartphone to check the originality of your content.

This too has multiple features for the users that make it an efficient app. This application checks the plagiarism around multiple databases instantly and shows you the result as it completes the process.

best plagiarism checker for android in 2021a

As this is a free tool, so many of the students and teachers use this for their academic papers. The algorithms behind this app are very amazing as it uses modern technology to try to provide the maximum results.

When you paste or insert the content through uploading the document, it scans and compares your content with all the published articles over the internet.

This way, it finds the similarities between your content and others and displays the result in the form of a percentage along with the sources.

The URLs in the matched content can be clicked and you will be pointed to the original website.

This application is free to use for basic purposes but there are some limitations on the free account. For using limitlessly, you can go for having the premium accounts which are available at affordable prices.

3.   Skandy Plagiarism checker

This is another plagiarism checker available on the Play store and has numerous features for its users. It has some amazing features for easy use and here is the list of features that are available in this plagiarism checker.

  • This plagiarism can find the plagiarism report upon uploading the document directly from your mobile, taking the image of the document, or pasting the text in the tool.
  • With its image to text converter, you can easily take an image of the handwritten or printed paper and the app will automatically scan the content to find the similarities.
  • You can upload any of the formats including TXT, DOC, PDF, or any of the image formats.
  • You can also check the content of a website directly by entering the URL of the website or specific article.
  • This application also features the uploading of the file from the cloud website like Google Drive, OneDrive.

best plagiarism checker for android in 2021b

This is also a free tool but to utilize it in the best way, you should have a premium account which is quite affordable for freelancers and other professionals.


We all are addicted to smartphones and when we have to use this for different reasons including students for assignments, freelancers for their client’s writing projects, as well as bloggers for their blog posts testing.

Instead of accessing the computer to find the online plagiarism checker, mobile applications are the best option as they are more flexible to use and they are handier.

Above mentioned plagiarism checkers are efficient enough to verify your content in the most accurate way while they are tested and the experience during this testing was quite amazing.

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