The Top Privacy Instant Messengers On The Market Right Now

private messengers on the market

The Best Private Messengers On The Market

Instant messaging has long been one of the most appealing aspects of the current online-based era. Being able to instantly message someone from across the world has completely changed the way that we approach communication.

But not every single messaging platform is the same, and many of them don’t provide any extra privacy or security features. These last two points are particularly important, as having private messages open to everyone is a serious violation of privacy, and something that most people should try and avoid. Thankfully, there are a handful of privacy-centric instant messages that can help alleviate this problem.

  1. Signal

Arguably the best alternative to Whatsapp right now, Signal has revolutionised the world of private instant messaging by ensuring that all content within a chat are encrypted on both devices before being sent to the server. Signal is recommended by some of the most well-known digital privacy advocates in the world, and the Signal Protocol has been used in several other popular instant messaging platforms, including WhatsApp. While it lacks some features, there’s no denying that it remains one of the best options around for those wanting to keep their conversation locked away from any prying eyes.

  1. Element

Element is an app that makes use of the increasingly popular Matrix protocol. Matrix is a decentralised messaging service that aims to remove the need for a centralised server system that most other instant messaging apps make use of. Matrix can be used in many forms, but the most popular is Element, which is available on both desktop machines as well as mobile devices. The app has undergone a series of improvements and has become a particular favourite for group chats and technical support.

  1. Session

Session is part of an Australian-based privacy service that wants to provide a messaging app that’s as provide as possible. Many critics point out that apps like Signal need a phone number to register, which is something that Session prides itself on not needing. This means that not only are messages end-to-end encrypted, but users won’t need to provide any other identifiable information when signing up for the service. This makes it perfect for informing a friend or family member when you land a big win in an online blackjack real money game.

  1. Briar

Briar is one of the leading instant messaging apps for privacy. While it lacks many functionality other messaging apps have, Briar offers a completely safe and private experience. In fact, it’s one of the most popular instant messaging apps for journalists and others that are in a dangerous situations and need to maintain personal privacy as much as possible. One of the more appealing features of Briar is that it doesn’t need an internet connection to function, as it’s able to also use a device’s Bluetooth to connect to other Briar clients, perfect for those in areas where there is Internet-related infrastructure damage or heavy censorship.