5 Must Have Smart Home Devices Working with Alexa or Google Home

The technological level in today’s world is in constant evolution, with new gadgets, items, and devices being created approximately every day. Almost all items have been transformed from their normal, traditional versions into something new, something better, something smart. And when ‘smart’ is the new trend, you should not miss it!

More and more companies are constantly ‘battling’ each other for newer, more innovative creations, more ideas on how to make your daily routine easier. Some of the things you saw in movies a few years back, and which you never believed would be true, have now been brought to life!

Have you ever wondered how it would feel if you could control everything around you just with your thoughts? Well, now you can control things with your voice instead, as the new artificial intelligence systems are able to understand you and comply with your requests.

Alexa and Google Home

What Are They?

Developed by different producers, both are voice-controlled, personal assistant AI systems. Basically, they are smart systems to which you can speak to or shout commands. They will not only listen and understand you but will also execute what you asked them to do if your command is on the reasonable side of things. For instance, they can play your favorite song, turn the lights off and on, control your TV unit, and much more.

How Are They Useful?

There are several instances when, at home, you have to multitask. Be it because you have to wash dishes or clothes and the phone rings, or you just do not have the time to waste making that cup of coffee when guests arrive, everyone has felt they needed help. But when you are alone and you know there is no one around to help you, multitasking becomes a nightmare.

By using a voice-control system your multitasking will become easier, your stress level will diminish and your life will become smoother. You will become more efficient, will not waste any more time on trivial things, while your comfort level will be exponentially increased.

From ‘Normal’ to ‘Smart’

You can start the transformation of your house by adding certain items that are recognized by either Alexa or Google Home. They are must-have items that should never miss from any home.

smart home speakers

1. Smart Home Speakers

The smart speakers are able to pick up your voice signal from wherever you are inside your house, being the access way to either Alexa or Google Home. They are your way to connect with the systems and the way the systems can communicate with you, in return. You can accessorize them with different speaker-covers while also being able to choose the colors they have to signalize you when the system is listening. For example, JBL has a great collection of smart speakers with different features. You can even find comparisons of those JBL smart speakers online.

smart plugs

2. Smart Plug

If you wish to stay connected at all times with your home devices in order to be able to supervise them, you will also need a smart plug. A smart plug is, basically, an intelligent power socket that enables you to control your light source with your voice. It can either be the whole lot of them from all the rooms in your house or just one; it is up to you and your preferences.

smart home surveillance cameras

3. Home Surveillance Cameras

You want to make sure your house is secured and protected but you do not exactly want to hire a guard or buy a dog? Then this smart device is exactly the solution to your problem. The smart cameras are connected all the time with your smartphone, enabling you to access and monitor them whenever you want, even when you are away. Moreover, some models are able to move around the house by themselves, covering more ground while offering more information about your home security.

Some models are even able to float around the room, making sure they are not blocking your path whenever you move around. Not only are they silent, but they can also be controlled with your voice, making them extremely useful when you want to be in touch with, for example, your baby.

smart locks home security

4. Locks and Home Security

Feeling a bit insecure about your old locking system? Try upgrading to something different, new and smart. With the new wave of technology, the need to feel safe has increased and, thus, several new locks have found their way to the market.

With several types of door locks, it is only a matter of personal taste which one you want as a guard for your entrance.

  • Keypad lock – an early model of smart lock, the keypad lock is still in use. By entering a combination of numbers, also known as ‘pin’, you can safely access your home.
  • Bluetooth lock – easily accessible with your phone or tailor-made entry card, they usually come with a second access way in case you cannot use your phone – its battery died – or you lost your entry card.
  • Radio Frequency Identification lock – abbreviated as RFID, this type of locking system uses a special key fob – special chip attached to your keychain – or, the same as the Bluetooth lock, an entry card. With the key fob version, you can either choose to have it designed with buttons, similar to a remote car control, or have it simple, as keychain decoration.
  • Biometric lock – its name might sound like it’s from a MATRIX movie, but fear not, it’s not that had to use. Being a fingerprint door lock, you just have to program it to recognize yours and your family member’s fingerprints, and it will automatically know to whom to open the door. It is pretty similar to the smartphone and laptop locking system.

smart heating cooling

5. Heating and Cooling

Have you ever wished to come back home and have your house waiting for you at the perfect temperature, regardless of season? This is your chance to make that dream a reality. Using a smart heating and cooling system has a lot of benefits, for you, your loved one and your wallet.

You can set your house at your desired temperature. Not only can you program it in advance, thus giving it a set time to start and finish, but it will also keep and maintain the set temperature and the degrees you want. Gone are the days when you woke up in the middle of the night, in winter, and froze to death on the way to the bathroom and back. Gone are the insufferable, hot, summer midday hours when you could barely breathe at ease because of the heat. With the smart heating and cooling systems, your house can be once again the paradise you always dreamed of!

In addition, you can also save energy and thus money. By programming it to start just before you arrive home, it doesn’t have to be on all day, warming up the place for no-one in particular. That way you can not only save money up to $130 -$150 a year, but you also are nature-friendly.

With a built-in smart system diagnosis, the system will remind you when it is time for its maintenance check, or when there is a problem with it. Moreover, it also has a remote access feature, giving you the mobility to turn it off or on from your phone.

In conclusion, technology might not be as easy to use or access for everyone, but there are definitely some very beneficial features you can acquire for yourself in order to make your and your loved one’s life easier.

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