5 Technology Trends of 2019

5 technology trends of 2019
Nowadays, we’re so heavily entrenched and dependant on technology, most of us don’t realize it until our phone dies or the wifi disconnects. As our society continues to support the use of technology, companies are continuing to push tech boundaries, creating innovative devices, software, and tools. Last year in 2018, it was a significant time for tech. And this year, it’s expected to continue. So, what can we expect from the tech industry? You’re about to find out.

The Real 5G Arrives

If you want to have a debate with someone who works in tech, bring up 5G. Though 5G networks are believed to be an extremely-fast mobile broadband connection, replacing the landline, no one in the industry could agree on what 5G was. However, technology has finally matched the specs and 2019 will likely be the year where we see 5G in full service. AT&T already have 5G in service, and Verizon is rolling out mid-year. By the end of 2019, expect all major cities and suburbs to have access to 5G.

Same-day Delivery

Who doesn’t love the idea of getting anything they want the same day they order it online? Most of us, upon ordering online, usually wait a minimum of a couple of days to receive it. If you join discussion boards about online companies, many consumers complain about the shipping time. As our society has shifted to instant gratification, companies are jumping on board and creating app-based delivery services. For example, DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats are all delivery services providing same-day delivery. Amazon is also expected to introduce same-day delivery.

Improved Human/AI Communication

ai human communcation 2019
It’s inevitable that AI will be implemented in various industries, but we’re seeing a huge increase in customer service. When it comes to customer service, AI creates a happy customer. 82% of consumers believe an “immediate” response is important when they have a marketing or sales question, 90% for customer service issues. As a solution, AI offers customer service to millions of people around the world. From its success, new conversational bots will now be implemented, giving a more human feel to the conversation.

Technology Merge

In 2019, you’ll witness the most significant shift in the tech industry. Machine learning, AI, augmented reality, and Blockchain are all impressive technologies on their own. But, what would happen if you connected all of them together? Well, we’re about to find out. By converging these technologies, it’ll open up endless opportunities for the industry and, of course, the consumers.

Increased Data Security

The past couple of years haven’t been good for tech in regards to privacy and data security. Companies such as Facebook have gone under fire for their negligence in data collection. Previously, companies were focused on collecting data; however, none of them were concerned about data security. In 2019, we’re going to be seeing companies more committed to data security as the issues of data leaks becomes an increasing problem.

better data security 2019
This year is really fascinating for the tech industry. As our society continues to shift to the digital world, companies are pushing the boundaries and creating innovative tools and devices.

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