A New Age in Business: How 3D Printing will Grow Your Business

a-new-age-in-business-how-3d-printing-will-grow-your-businessGrowth in business is always looked at as a positive aspect. No matter what reasons you have for getting into business you ultimately want your endeavors to increase your overall profit potential. Business growth can come from a wide variety of sources. A successful marketing campaign can put your business name into some pretty influential contacts or being featured on any number of major media outlets can open the floodgates of new customers. Technology is usually looked upon as an enhancement in business, but in all actuality having the right forms of technology being utilized will launch your business to unforeseen heights. The innovations recently made in 3D printing can and will give you the edge and grow your business like nothing else.

Give the People What They Want

Where technology has enabled businesses to grow, it has also made the attention span of the people of the world drastically reduced. We can look at this in terms of how we now watch television. During the beginnings of the television age, if you happened to miss a particular episode of your favorite show, you simply missed out. There was no real way to get that episode back again, but in the 1970s a revolutionary device enabled people to record whatever they wanted to watch so they did not have to miss out. Throughout the years there became more and more resources to be able to watch episodes that were missed. Now we have the ability to watch anything we want to whenever we desire and therefore we are no longer willing to wait like we once were.

The instantaneous mentality has seeped into the business world. Things change rapidly and when a person has an idea of what they want, they do not want to have to wait for weeks or even months for a prototype to be built and tested. They want to see their design or invention instantly and by offering your customers the ability to do that through 3D printing you can have an edge on the competition that may be stuck behind the times. Time is money in business and anytime you can reduce the wait time for your customers you can gain loyalty from them.

Multiple Products

There are sometimes when an invention that a customer designs is not exactly in working order. Prototypes can often be quite expensive, so the customer has to be able to get the design right the first time or risk losing out on making it to the market. The design is not always able to work as it is intended, so additional prototypes have to be produced for both testing purposes as well as market research to ensure that the product will be well received by the public.

The process of 3D printing has enabled prototypes to be produced at a much faster rate of speed than ever before. The companies that utilize 3D printing for their customers are able to give the customer what they want without having to go back and forth with the prototype manufacturer. Should there be any issue with the current model or the market research show that people would like something a little different, there is no problem to just go back and print another product. The process is simpler and more cost effective than traditional methods.


These days’ people want their products to be customized to their strict demands. In the traditional form of production, there is little knowing what the final product will look like since most prototypes have to be handmade. The customer would have some idea of the product because of the drawings and flat images, but there is nothing tangible that the customer is able to go on. 3D models are able to be produced on a computer screen first before any printing begins.

The 3D models not only enable the customer to see the product, but it also gives a 3-Dimensional viewpoint so that they are sure of what the final product will look like. We live in a 3-Dimensional where things have depth, but offering your customers a flat image in which to grasp the concept of the design will not give you an edge of the competition, but the use of 3D printing will show your customers that you value their ideas and that their truly desired custom features are available as well.

The business world is all about your ability to make money and rise above the competition. It is true that many of us get into business to pursue our own personal passions, but without being able to stand out in the crowd of competition you will likely not stay in business for very long. 3D printing is forever evolving and becoming more of a necessity in all aspects of business. Let 3D printing help you grow your business today.

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