4K Monitor – Do Web Developer Really Need it for Better Working Experience?

do web developer need 4k monitor
Codes and algorithms. That’s what’s behind the development of the modern world. The new age of information really does revolve around programmers, developers, and hackers. These are the people that spend days and nights in front of the screen, writing line after line to make something happen.

Although the fact that they spent a lot of their time behind the screen is well known, not many people think of the screen itself. The effect of the screen set up and screen resolution is very important in this profession. And in this article, we will focus on the latter of the two. We will also look more into the use of a 4k monitor for web developers in specific.

Web developers and monitors

Well, web developers (programmers in general) need to have a strong background in coding, designing, and other software skills. What’s also important is the hardware they are equipped with.

You are very well familiar with the gizmos that a web developer uses. Powerful CPUs, chips, and processors with the best specs, RAM, high-quality keyboards, and whatnot. But the one fact that is often not depicted well in movies when it shows programmers is that they actually need multiple screens to work. This is true for web developers as well. They need multiple screens in order to handle their rigorous work.

This is not an over-exaggeration. Complex and organized work does require multiple screens. Often one full monitor is allotted for coding. This is the main window where all the working mechanism behind the website is developed. Another screen set up for specifications, chat windows, documents, searches, and all. Then a third window is required for constant testing of your work. This is especially true for web developers and app developers.

Sometimes only two screens are used because of the budget constraints of the developers. But there are developers out there who use even 6 screens to make things more productive.

How the resolution of the screen matter?

Developers need to spend hours in front of the screen every day to manage their work. Thus, the screen’s specs can affect the eye health of the developer. A not so good screen can cause headaches, irritation to the eyes, and even frustration after long use. The frustration part is especially true to incase of debugging countless lines of codes. The wrong screen can essentially drive you crazy but many newbie developers are oblivious to this fact.

how the resolution of the screen matters
There are a lot of options out there but you just need to know about this scenario. Generally greater the screen resolution, the lesser will be the stress on your eyes after hours of coding. The 4k monitor for web developers comes in pretty handy here. Though high resolutions are available on small screens these days you might want to get bigger a bigger screen. A big screen with good resolution is key to optimum productivity.

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On a subtle note, the orientation of your screen can also be a decisive factor in your productivity. Sometimes you will have to rotate your screen to an optimum position which can change with the kind of work you are handling. Your screen should be able to support rotation and orientation.

The difference between 2k and 4k screens

This article is really about the use of a 4k monitor for web developers. But in order to understand the ups of 4k completely, we also need to know a bit about 2k monitors. A 2k is screen is typically the one with a resolution of 2048 x 1080.

It is a horizontal resolution of nearly 2,000 pixels on a screen. 4k more commonly refers to the high definition quality of resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels. There is also an alternate one with 4096 x 2160 pixels. But the former is more common. The main difference is the number of pixels between the two which determine their resolution. 4k resolution has 4 times the pixels as 1080p or twice the line resolution as 1080p. Whereby 1080p we mean 1920x 1080 pixels.

For those of you who are wondering pixel just means a small illuminated area on a screen. The fact that 4k has a higher resolution means that the number of illuminated areas will be more. This does have two important facts to it. One, as the illuminated areas are more in number, the picture will have fewer non-lit spaces for 4k as compared to 2k.

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This is what we perceive as image quality. As the image quality increases or the number of non-lit areas decreases our eyes have to do less work to pick up the complete image. Thus, the strain on our eyes decreases. The second thing is that as the resolution increases, we can increase the size of the screen. Of course, as the area of the screen increases the picture quality will decrease irrespective of the resolution. But still, higher resolutions give better results on bigger screens. And reading a bigger alphabet gives less strain to our eyes, so these are better for a programmer.

Advantages of using 4k monitor for web developers

advantages of using 4k monitors for web developers

  1. Higher-resolution causes less strain to the eyes of the developer.
  2. It is better over a longer-term as prolonged exposure to sub-par monitor can cause permanent eye damage.
  3. With 4k, you can actually use a bigger screen. This means that you can view larger sections of code at the same time. This does help out a lot. And bigger screens are available in 4k resolution.
  4. With a larger screen, it is more convenient to handle the testing and organizing screens.
  5. Apart from your eyes, short term use of sub-par monitors can also cause headaches.


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In this article, we have looked into the role of monitors when it comes to programming, web designing in specific. We have looked into what web developers need from their monitor set up, orientation, and its resolutions. We have also discussed 4k and 2k resolutions and their main difference. Let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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