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Cloud computing is now a dominant part of just about any business. With the global public cloud computing market reaching $258 million in 2019, hosting applications and data in the cloud is rapidly displacing all other hosting solutions because of the dependability and security of the cloud-based solutions.

Let’s Start With the Market Leader

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the pioneer of cloud computing holds a 32% market share and is considered the leading cloud vendor today. AWS accounts for 13% of sales of Amazon, while it globally continues to expand its market share in countries like China, the UK, Germany, and Japan.

AWS hit upon the idea of cloud hosting so it could add a more flexible way of increasing resources. Even during the eCommerce peak season sales, the company realized that the server hardware is underutilized. That was the beginning of the AWS cloud solution. The idea was to deliver a service wherein other businesses can “rent” the use of resources from the server farm and scale their operations and application requirements accordingly.

There are plenty of businesses that have migrated to the AWS framework. Instantly recognizable brands include Netflix, Nasa, Expedia, Slack, and Samsung. The cloud infrastructure industry is already spending $55 million as of 2017, the figures have now broken new barriers of $80 million this year.

So What About Microsoft’s Azure?

what is microsoft azure
Microsoft Azure; a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing application services through Microsoft-managed data centers. In contrast to AWS, Azure also has a number of companies under its belt, namely; Apple iCloud, Pixar, eBay, Travelocity, and Boeing.

Azure began as the project Project Red Dog, and release the project later as Azure on the 1st of February, 2010. The company cashes in this potential in the cloud industry thanks to AWS. Azure simply make a dash to develop and capture as much market as possible.

The next few moves Azure makes confirm its strategy of expansion. Since it was aware of the direct competition, the only way forward is to open the playing field for other web application developers to join.

Popular Features of Azure

  • Hybrid Stack

    Azure provides a hybrid option known as Azure Stack, Hybrid SQL Server. The point of this hybrid solution is to overcome the complexities startups face in setting up cloud-based operations, something that is not as straightforward as working with other hosting options.

  • Integration and Intuition

    Microsoft already has a number of products out there in the market. So it’s easier for companies to integrate their email inbox, office documents, and related business components with Azure’s infrastructure. So plugging Azure into this existing ecosystem makes it easier for companies to integrate without facing resistance and migration complexities.

    microsoft brand integrations
    Azure definitely has a more intuitive platform that is built to welcome users of all skill sets. Compared to AWS, which more often than not overwhelms the user with complex jargon. Thus, popular opinion about Azure among startup owners has been very positive, and that the users can go straight to setting up their.

  • Enterprise Solution

    A lot of companies opt for multi-vendor cloud hosting. This means they benefit from budget-friendly options, while simultaneously bypassing potential price hikes, DDo attacks, and vendor related server issues.

    With that being said, these companies miss out on the enterprise deals. Larger companies that can afford an enterprise agreement, get many additional deals and features thrown into the deal from Microsoft. This helps in selling top tier packages that the company can maintain.

Azure makes Bold Moves

Notice that AWS gives a year’s free with limited services. Azure imitates the same marketing strategy with $200 in credit. A company that puts out such a marketing strategy is making a bold statement to take on competition against the big dog, which means Azure is ready to take up the heat from AWS

The moves Azure has made are similar and bold competitive intent. For instance, the architecture first limited to Microsoft products (.net) widened their cloud architecture scope for open source technology. Similar to AWS, Microsoft has 12 Microsoft Azure certification which is classified in 3 levels, namely Fundamental, Associate, and Expert. The focus of these certifications remains on building skills and knowledge related to the particular market job roles.

Reeling into Artificial Intelligence

azure artificial intelligence
To bring out more artillery to compete against AWS, Azure became the first to start dipping its toes into the world of Artificial Intelligence. Last month in July, Microsoft revealed it’s the latest work in AI translation technology. They demonstrate the works of holoportation, Through this technology, Microsoft is able to capture 3D models of any subject and reconstruct them globally in real-time.

Azure Corporate’s Vice President, Julia White put on the HoloLens 2 headset and demonstrated the holoportation. What’s more interesting about this demonstration is how the demonstration shows the ability of this technology to translate what she was saying in a different language whilst maintaining her speech cadence and pattern. Azure aims to stay on top of its game with this AI development and concretizing its market position in Cloud architecture providers.

In a nutshell

  • AWS is the pioneer in cloud hosting, but Azure cashed right after.
  • Azure and AWS marketing campaigns are strikingly similar.
  • Azure provides intuitive and simple PaaS for Cloud along with many features.
  • Under the umbrella of Microsoft, Azure as an enterprise is a really sweet deal.
  • Azure has visibly been working on AI with text to speech and Azure’s Speech Services.
  • Google Cloud hosting has also joined the race in hope of becoming the leader in the cloud computing industry.

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