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Welcome to Dezzain new opening and redesign, hope you guys enjoy the new year and holidays. The site had been alive for 1 year now so i just to say hai and thank you for all the comments and theme sponsors from all sponsors till now.

Once again also thanks and appreciated all the users that using some of dezzain themes for their blog. By the start of 2008, i will be developed the site and will posting frequetly so be sure to subscribes to the site feeds for the latest updates and happening insides.

What Will Be New In 2008?

1. Themes development will be going to a next level with more free themes also non sponsored themes “yes the decision to make a non sponsored theme for the site will be start with the next new theme coming this january“.

2. Custom Themes or Client Projects will be continue in new section or new subdomain for a better presentation with new work and design.

3. Coding Service will also be available later this month hopefully 🙂

Will I Venture Into Premium Paid Theme In The Future?

yes, this is one of the development progress that were included when the redesign began whether i will offer a premium paid theme so be sure to get back to the site to check on the release soon.

Magazine style/layout wordpress themes will be in top of the chart that will soon available. Also Newspaper Grid Style wordpress themes will be following the development.

As you may know, there are some difference between magazine and newspaper style layout, i will be venture deeper into how to define or make good used or the layout to separate both style distinct styling. If you not sure what i’m blabbing about, here are some good example to separate what make the layout define as magazine style and vice versa.

Good Example Of Magazine Layout Style

Screenshot from

As you can see, the people magazine main grid will be 3 column frontpage with very catchy headlines. Some may missed what exactly a magazine stlye is about..its all about showtime!…or you may called it THE IT PRESENTATION. Good used of variant colours will be the strong point of how a magazine layout should look like.

The intention of the layout will be to give a visitor a first glance on what’s the latest news and the usage of block element in the layout will be essential, as you can see:

left-block – an exclusive cover and charting article that open the visitors first scan when they visited the site

Center-block – a featured or latest feature post that had a different colour block than other to make it more stand out than other articles block.

right-block – a goodies (sidebars) or ads on other aside articles to make the site more alive something like most popular post or most commented post are very good example what to insert in this section.

Be sure not to missed couple of this element when making yourself a magazine style theme. “More from this, features in this, latest in this, checkout this and many catchy headline” will be one of the headline strong point on how to define that it is near a magazine style.

What About Newspaper Style layout?

screenshot from

ok first of all what is a newspaper? its all about information baby 🙂 yeah. If you need to define a difference between a magazine layout and newspaper layout, it will be the selling point of make it as busy as you can before it suited as newspaper style theme. Forget about white space and try to make the frontpage as content wise as possible. A newspaper design should and always be content presentation first, you may make the site looks more modern with latest design trends, web2.0 element and some art element but you should put content based layout before starting the idea.

One of the key element on newspaper style layout would be the separate in-categories. This is a good example of newspaper to present their articles or post within and difference category so it won’t miss the visitors’s scan when they glance on the site. Of course image/photos presentation will also be the strong element cannot be missed but you should used it wisely, make good used of thumbnail features.

WordPress As Directory….this is still under development

Yeap…wordpress as directory also one of the in development that were include in the late 2007, basically the idea was to provide a more comfortable directory submit using wordpress core. this is of course just an idea and will be makng it appearence soon in the future. 🙂

Ok I Almost Done Here….Keep It Up

Finally once again thank you for visiting the site and hope you enjoy the reading. Be sure to visit again for more tutorial post and more web trend article that i will be posting frequetly during couple weeks.

Due to recent development and redesign, some emails from contact were not reply, i just want to opologize and let you guys know i did received all the mails and support request. A Support Forum will be avaialble soon so be sure to sign up and asked for support so it can dealt more efficiently awright

– richie k

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