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If You Haven’t Heard About Them Yet Then You Should Cause They Rocks! is one of my most visited site in 2007. I mainly stalked the site and looks for any new palette that are unique and fresh. Not only their pallette choice are unbelieveable 🙂 their blog post/articles about the colours around us just fascinating and very..i mean very very interesting. You often asked yourself why the sky is blue? why the grass is green? and why the hell my face looks pale(off topics)..hehe. Their blog post explain or rather dig deep into the colours where no one even bother step into.

My favourite reads there would be:

Colors of the Top 20 Magazine Covers

The articles focus on colours used by top 20 magazine agency ranging from the times, new yorkers, espn and many more..

11 of colour legend and 13 more colour legend just awesome

Both the articles focus on the myth/legend of colours around us..i really can’t give a simple description about the need to read it for yourself to learn more. It really worth it believe me 🙂

Personal Thought

Colouring either in web design, art, illustrators are essential for designers so COLOURlovers would be a great place to learn more about making a better contrast and colours when creating a new design in the future. Be sure to stalked their blog post for more insides on colours

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