Site Showcase –

The site just got served by God Almighty
well..just kidding. Truth is i found another great site that really..i mean really impressive 😮 Can’t believe i haven’t heard about the site yet its been online since early 2005.

The site i was talking about are a cool innovative method to destroy your site with all kinds of disaster. Mine was just served by God Almighty minutes ago 😆 and it leave some minions in the headline…joke! joke!

Who The Genius Behind This Interface

The site and Netdisaster was created by Dennis Rionnet. A lot of guys contributed to making it a wonderful site and also creating the cool disaster you seen in the site. My favourite will be the vomit and dogpoops..hussah..its nasty! 👿

In other case, they did won the Yahoo! Search Award as Best Innovative Website of the Year 2005. This showed great idea are very well awarded and recognize..congrat to the netdisaster team

so what are you waiting for?, go right ahead and destroy your site 😆

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