What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

what is managed wordpress hostingBusinesses using WordPress have a number of options in terms of hosting. You can host your own site internally, use unmanaged (shared) hosting, or use a Managed WordPress Hosting provider. How should you decide? Before you can make a decision, you have to understand what these options mean so you can make the best choice for your business.

Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Shared Hosting

More times than not you will find that shared hosting is less expensive than managed WordPress hosting. Reason being, shared hosting includes a smaller feature set from the provider, and more work for you or your company. For personal websites, blogs or a minimal online presence shared hosting is a good option to consider. However, business who want to increase web traffic and develop a larger online presence should look for a more robust offering, like managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosts like Pagely oversee the more technical aspects your website ensuring it’s always performing optimally. These are some examples of what managed WordPress hosts provide:

  • Perform routine backups
  • Monitor site downtime
  • Ensure speed
  • Ensure reliability

When you go with a managed WordPress host you’re making an investment in cutting-edge security, lightening fast site speed, superior customer support, improved performance, and a variety of other invaluable benefits.

The 4 Major Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

When making the decision to go with internal, shared or managed hosting it’s important to consider your options to best set your website, and business, up for success. Often times a lower price point can be the ultimate determining factor. However, there are some key major benefits you receive with managed hosting, that those cheaper options just won’t get you.


Perhaps the largest benefit to managed hosting is superior website security. Without employing a managed host it falls on you to choose the right tools, scans and updates to keep your site secure. If you have experience with things like file scanning and malware, great. If not? Trust a managed host to guarantee daily backups, scans, and updates with the highest level of security to protect you from hackers.


Downtime directly impacts your SEO and the way visitors interact with your site. Issues leading to downtime need to be addressed promptly, which isn’t always possible for companies hosting internally or with shared providers. With managed hosting your site will often be monitored around the clock which means you can focus on your business, instead of worrying about damaging your reputation and customer experience with downtime.


With managed hosting comes a technically skilled support staff available to you for questions, fixes, and all of your site hosting needs. It takes a highly skilled and trained technician seasoned in solving complex problems to be hired onto the support staff for a managed hosting provider. That means, you’ll have access to these technicians at your fingertips.


The best managed hosting providers have the flexibility to customize solutions for companies across any industry. For example, the healthcare industry has strict compliance statutes like HIPAA that need to be upheld online. Online retailers need to protect sensitive information like credit card numbers and customer addresses through PCI DSS support. Even agencies can benefit from managed hosting through server management, speed tuning and caching. When choosing a managed host make sure they are flexible to work with your exact needs, so paying the premium is worth it.

Managed Hosting Makes WordPress Better

Managed hosting providers make using WordPress as a content management system easier, plain and simple. For companies who don’t have time to become experts across the WordPress platform, or don’t have the budget to dedicate an entire new department of engineers to it, offload to a managed provider.

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