A Peek at Leomaster’s LEO Privacy Guard

Today, the very best way to keep and prioritize your apps and other valuable content like your SMS texts and such is the LEO Privacy Guard by Leomaster. One of the great things about this fantastic and most useful app is that it has the ability to keep others from viewing your content, remaining safe. Nobody likes when children, a partner or even a nosey roommate spying on your history and your other PC habits. The privacy guard will always have your back and your content will always be just that, yours.


You will be able to keep your apps locked, even beyond the standardized pin and the individuals who are trying to access your content will be undeniably stupefied when they are stopped in their tracks. You will have nothing but peace of mind and that is something in which you can’t find all too often these days.

Leomaster does it Again

Imagine having various modes for your content, such as home, work, school and you also have the ability to create a personalized category for whatever you would like. You will have considerably more with LEO Privacy Guard, aside with just being able to unlock apps and you will even have fun covers for the app itself to enjoy. Imagine a truly useful speed boost in order to always keep your Smartphone operating smoothly and free of errors.

This app functions on simply stellar levels and as just about everybody knows, Leomaster is easily the leader of its category of products. The mobile security industry wouldn’t be the same without the company’s fine list of products, especially the LEO Privacy Guard.

User-Friendly As They Come

The Privacy Guard doesn’t just keep your phone security in tact and running the way it should but it also keeps every other app on your phone perfectly protected. The newly updated interface is truly easy to operate and the options are about as user-friendly as they come these days.

The levels in which the app works on enable incremented protection levels, designed to meet the user’s needs, creating a much better experience in the long-run. The home-screen will offer options like privacy protection, setting tabs and a specialized app lock, providing abilities which no other app of its kind offers today.

Under every specific option, the user will be able to see their current status and it also features the best in privacy protection, which will provide them with a great way to see their protection level every time. You can also see the toggle privacy control for stuff like your messages, photos, videos and even your call records.

LEO Privacy Guard Remains the Best

Leomaster created something undeniably special and the LEO Privacy Guard doesn’t just stop at fantastic protection for the phone and its apps.What it does is it also perfectly monitors the usage of data, the power level of the battery and the installation status of every app you download. It makes it possible for people to maintain great connections with the people in their life, totally hassle-free and without unforeseen complications. This is one genre of app which will never have any suitable competition because LEO Privacy Guard will no doubt remain the best for a very long time.

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