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slidemodel com your destination for breathtaking presentations
Over 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every day as claimed by Microsoft. Microsoft PowerPoint has secured its place at the very core of the offices, online learning platforms, colleges and more.

Be it a meeting with your boss, a tutorial for your students or an idea pitch to your investors, PowerPoint has successfully reshaped the dynamics of presentation making around the world. Moreover, presentations are becoming a vital tool for professionals amidst a variety of industry domains. Closing a deal or not, depends hugely upon the quality of a presentation and the content it showcases. You can only pitch a new strategic direction successfully if your presentation is engaging and appeals to the audience.

Remember, it’s all about impressions when it comes to a professional PowerPoint presentation. It is expected that your slides will look the part. In order to make your mark in the market, it is required for a presentation to be out of the box. However, in a world where everybody is using PowerPoint to create presentations, what can you do to stand out from the crowd? Since PowerPoint comes with a predefined set of tools, graphics & animations, it can become really difficult to innovate for presentation creators. Especially, if you’re making presentations frequently, you might run out of ideas soon. Creating modern design templates in little time without any special skills can be challenging for many.

SlideModel: PowerPoint Made Simple

Slide Model is one of the leading providers of ready to use PowerPoint templates. The platform aims to target professionals and executives who are in demand for creating amazing presentations in a limited time frame. The platform provides beautiful and attractive presentation slides, that are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, thus help your presentation to stay at the top of the presentation deck. A lot of care, attention and time are required to create effective and engaging presentations. In times where we’re bound with tight deadlines and schedules, template providers like SlideModel can strengthen your presentation making effort with its robust structure.

Literally, anyone can access and leverage the lucrative pool of resources available at SlideModel. Finding a suitable template doesn’t take much of your time. You can easily visit the website and choose the perfect fit. At SlideModel, you don’t have to compromise on quality. Presentations can only be attractive when the design is pixel-perfect. Apart from templates, the platform provides PowerPoint diagrams, shapes and editable maps as well. Rather than making a presentation which might be an eyesore for your audience, with SlideModel, you can help you keep your presentation high-end.

100% Editable Templates

Impressing your audience isn’t about presenting a few slides. Without any professional help, you’d have to put a lot of effort into making amazing slides.

animated 3d cube powerpoint template
With SlideModel, you can make use of 100% editable templates which can match your presentation goals just right. Without wasting your precious time and resources, you can edit and incorporate graphical resources and make your presentation worth watching. The collection of 3D designs, buttons, currency shapes, symbols, animations are all editable. The best part? It has become easier than ever to match your company’s professional aesthetics.

Business Ready Templates

There are over 20,000 and counting presentation templates available at SlideModel. Moreover, the platform has a dedicated category specifically for business templates with designs of known business models. You can choose some of the hottest templates such as the Zachman Framework template, Project Charter template, 360 Feedback template, Swiss Cheese Model template and many more diagrams and models, such as the infinity loop PowerPoint templates.

data driven charts and dashboard templates
You’d be amazed to see the variety of data-driven charts and dashboard templates. In times where humans aren’t very fond of raw statistical data, higher engaging business templates can do wonders. Showcase data through dedicated pie charts, S-curve charts, BMI structure, world map charts and radar charts.

Design-Driven Innovation

Were Microsoft PowerPoint provides you with a static set of tools and features. SlideModel thrives on innovation.

You can enjoy some of the most amazing and unseen 3D designs here. There is no dearth of unique layouts and PowerPoint designs. Teams of dedicated experts at SlideModel have already done the hard work for you. Some of the most critically acclaimed templates such as Company profile template, 6 Pieces 3D Tetris template and more, are available here for the greater good.

New capabilities and features added in recent versions of PowerPoint, like the Morph transition and Zoom features, enable providers like SlideModel to produce a new set of templates with high-impact animations and effects that can be easily edited by end-users. You can save hundreds of hours of manual work and engage at par with your audience through SlideModel.

Fully Customizable and Flexible

There is nothing which can limit your creativity with SlideModel. The templates are specifically designed to be edited and updated later by the user.

rocket shape for powerpoint
You can carefully pick diagrams, shapes and images of your choice and can easily inculcate the same in your presentation. As mentioned-above 100% customization, is what fuels the unique presentation-making and at the same time follow the design trends. Make use of persuasive diagrams and graphs to convey your message. Edit as you go. You can easily edit and adapt a presentation template per your brand’s identity or design. Thus, without any complications or stress, you can make next level PowerPoint presentations.

Compatibility in Mind

When we talk about compatibility, every template available in SlideModel is highly compatible with leading presentation creation platforms. Be it Google Slides, OpenOffice, Apple’s KeyNote and more, you can easily collaborate with your colleagues to make state of the art presentations. You don’t have to worry about design aesthetics. SlideModel templates are pixel-perfect regardless of the destination platform.

You can even copy and paste multiple slides from one PowerPoint presentation into another presentation or document. In a matter of a few clicks, you can get the work done without jeopardizing the design. Easily create UI designs, mockups and depict the data by making use of static dashboard templates. In a nutshell, SlideModel can be your pick to make complex ideas easy to understand. Unlock your access to a wide range of premium PowerPoint templates, now!

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