Mulpix: The Ultimate Instagram Search Tool Available Right Now!

mulpix-the-ultimate-instagram-search-tool-available-right-nowHousing over 300 million active users in 5 years, Instagram shot up like a rocket in space, cruising along myriad of wealth and popularity. Since its inception back in 2010, Instagram morphed itself from just another photo-sharing platform on the internet to one of the most preferred social networks all over the world – a transformation so immaculate that forced Facebook to give in to the heat and acquire them for $1 billion in 2012. But with a growing photo portal and its enveloping user base, grew the businesses and ventures surrounding it.

Using Instagram can be an addictive experience – with the filters and edits for your standout picture – but it can also be one dictating a frustrating narrative. There are a lot of users, like yours truly, who research social media trends or simply search for profiles which mingle with their interest group. Instagram and its limited search capability push the social buff through a hectic and quite agonizing experience. This simple yet sophisticated mobile phone app seemed enough for sharing. When expanded to optimize with search engines, where users could only type one username or hashtag, the computer portal of Instagram was not exactly on par with other social networks, like Twitter. To minimize our agony and remedy this problem, Mulpix started their carnival policing, offering people with an advanced and alternative Instagram Search to find pictures and profiles they are looking for.

With Mulpix, you can mention as many tags as you need to successfully search for something. The search engine automatically provides filters for the most relevant search result. For instance, your heart wishes to find a distant friend from the past and know what they are up to. By entering their name or a caption that you remember and multiple tags that can guide your way through this search, you can instantly receive effective results. An avid Instragramer with a photo journal or businesses with tactical goals in mind –people often use recurring captions and tags, which makes following your friends and the sequence of events in their lives on Instagram much easier with Mulpix around. Expanding horizons from friends to celebrities and inspirations, Mulpix makes it easy to follow your favorite celebs, film actors and sports-personalities by simply entering the name on the search field. If you are worried about authenticity of the posts and profile, the verified tick at the right-hand side of the profile page comes to the rescue – that’s Instagram assuring you right here.

Important to note is that Mulpix categorizes pictures by location. For instance, if you are out and about in Alabama, the search list toppers will feature Alabamans, unless the picture has the geographic locater turned off, of course. Moreover, accessing Mulpix offers various other interesting news based on the user’s preferred location, preserving the interest of the user and engaging them to Instagram even more.

On another shiny side of this coin, Mulpix is changing the way people think. You see, not always the photos posted on Instagram are about celebrities or famous people. A lot of local, freelance and indie photographers and artists use Instagram to market their work, and tags play an inseparable role to bridge the artist with the audience; tags help them pitch their ideas and concept to the desired audience and the built-in search engine optimization tool on Mulpix help to advertise work of such artists and photographers, eventually gaining them leverage and popularity both locally and overseas.

Mulpix is the breakthrough for optimized search result. A spokesperson for Mulpix explained, “Instagram is great for social networking but not so great for other functions like searching. We wanted to be able to help people find images more easily on the platform by creating this advanced integrated search function, which delivers accurate results from accounts individuals are not already following, exposing them to new content creators to follow and enjoy. This tool could well become an invaluable resource to Instagram fans in 2016, and we will continue to upgrade and improve the service we provide, to deliver even better results throughout the year.”

Mulpix is indeed an invaluable tool for all those who use it. It gives the users a true essence of Instagram. A lot of researchers and journalists now rely on Mulpix for their research work, taking full advantage of the experience. So while everyone upgrades themselves, why should you fall behind?

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