Private Messenger: Comprehensive Protection!

In 21st century, we have to worry about the safety of our data when we use popular messengers. This part of our lives is also need to pay attention and to protect the data.

private messenger comprehensive protection
Unfortunately, we are increasingly hearing about hacks and vulnerabilities of a particular messenger.

So, today, we have decided to focus on those solutions of private messengers that pay maximum attention to the security and anonymity of their users. Read the article and choose the best private messenger for daily use.

Private messenger: Reliable variants


Utopia is a closed ecosystem built on the principles of decentralization. It has the necessary tools, such as uMessenger, uMail, Idyll Browser, uWallet, which provide users with anonymity and data security within the network.

It does not have a single server that stores all user information. Utopia creates an individual server for each user. Access to the server opens a personal key that is generated by the system during anonymous registration. Thus, the user does not disclose their identity.

Utopia uses uNS technology to transmit data within the network. That is, the user does not need to go outside the ecosystem to find the necessary information. Everything has already been created inside the system.

The developers have implemented the secret chat function for exchanging encrypted text and voice messages. Also, each user can make any financial transactions using the system’s cryptocurrency – cryptons.

To register and use Utopia, you need a Windows, IOS, Linux operating system, as well as a stable Internet connection.


The main feature of this app is the ability to work without the Internet, connecting devices to a local network via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. That is, even when you are not connected to the Internet, you still have the opportunity to communicate with those who are nearby.

Developers position on this feature is the main advantage of their messenger. When the connection is restored, all data is synchronized, and the program will use Tor. So, your personal correspondence will still be protected.

p2p connection offline
Central servers are not used; messages are synced directly between devices. Linking phones is done by scanning QR codes, so you will never be found by those you don’t want to see in your contacts.

Note that the program is regularly updated, and the developer always reads user reviews, which are still nice.


Threema uses end-to-end encryption and the NaCl cryptographic library. To register and access your account, you need to use the internal Threema ID, which is not linked to your phone number or email address. So if you don’t want to do this, it will be difficult to link this ID to you.

Syncing contacts with your phone book is possible, but not required. In this case, everything is encrypted: personal correspondence, voice messages and calls, transmitted files of all formats, and even personal statuses.

Note that the messenger has a web version.

chat data protections


It uses end-to-end encryption with the timely removal of all correspondence. So, your data will be deleted not only from you but also from your interlocutor. The lifetime of each message is 24 hours. If you think that this is too much, you can configure their deletion immediately after reading.

You can make screenshots in the chat, but you will not see the name of the interlocutor. If someone made screenshots of your correspondence, you will receive a notification.

Dust has a built-in chat with a set of all the necessary functions for comfortable correspondence but without frills.

As you can see, there are safe messengers, although not all of them are known to the general public. The technical sides of their protection are mostly the same, but there are also quite non-standard approaches.

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