5 Cost-Effective and Rapid Ways To Increase Website Traffic in 2021

5 cost effective and rapid ways to increase website traffic in 2021

While there are many ways we can increase traffic to our web pages, not all of them have the same levels of success. Many produce dividends at different speeds; although the better-known methods such as SEO are essential, the effects take time. A stretched timescale can create serious problems, especially for startups.

High levels of website traffic do not necessarily mean more conversions. But bringing the right type of traffic to your online presence can increase the ratio of conversion rates to visitor numbers. There’s an ‘if’; you can only expect higher conversions if your site is interesting and applicable to what the visitor wants. And that’s another topic altogether.

Whether you sell products or services or use your online pages to create income through linking to other sites or ads, the more people know about you, the better. At least, it’s better for those website owners of transparent, informative, and authoritative sites with easily-accessible customer services.

So, You Want More Website Traffic, Fast?

While slower streams of traffic from longer-term marketing strategies are crucial for similarly long-term website success, investing part of your marketing budget in quicker methods not only gets you off the ground, it also supports more complex methods. When you use rapid marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and back these up with brand trust through excellent product, price, and customer service, there is no reason why you shouldn’t expect a higher conversion rate in a shorter timescale.

The two main strategies for increased website traffic in 2021 are the same as last year, SEO and content. As Google now makes up 91.45% of all worldwide search queries, pushing your web address up the SERPs and matching unique content to user search terms is the N°1 way to bring in the crowds. This takes time. According to Neil Patel, the average age of a result ranking in the top ten of page one of the Google SERPs is 650 days. How many startups (or even established businesses) have the time to rely on the results of this proven strategy?

SEO is also notoriously expensive. Top-level SEO companies working on local campaigns might charge in excess of $600 per month. For global campaigns, you can multiply this sum four to five times. Over a period of 650 days, these sums add up. But without focusing on search engine optimization, increasing website traffic is practically a lost cause. You need to place your marketing budget eggs into multiple marketing baskets.

As you spend the lion’s share on SEO and content, put a percentage aside for simultaneous strategies that don’t cost the earth and accelerate the slower processes. Here are where the 5 tips to increase website traffic come in.

Tip 1: Content Curation

No website should contain outdated content. Ever looked at the bottom of a webpage and seen a footer showing a date from three years ago? What a turn-off. Old content generates mistrust. How does a user know that the information on the website is recent if the owner can’t even be bothered to update the foundations of a site? In curation, the word content encompasses every word, source, link, image, and video on every page. From 404s to a scientific research result that is no longer correct, the right people need to go through the applicable pages at regular intervals. There’s an upside to removing, editing, or repurposing outdated content – you free up space for fresh content and you make your site more user-friendly. Any website management roadmap should include regular content checks and updates.

Tip 2: Find the Right Influencers

If you’re not using social media to advertise your business you’re missing out on the top traffic driving medium of 2021. Social media has flourished during the lockdown and this global habit is well and truly established throughout all age groups. Furthermore, social media platform owners are doing everything they can to make this environment churn out the best ROI in terms of ads versus sales.

Influencer marketing avoids online business enemies like ad blockers and spam filters. As far back as 2015, only a tiny percentage of millennials (1%)  reported that a compelling ad would increase their sense of brand trust. This growing group tends to ignore most ads. However, a third of all online millennials review blogs before making a purchase and over 60% are likely to become loyal customers to brands maintaining a healthy social media presence. If your targets aren’t clicking on ads on social media platforms, how do you get your piece of that 60%? By approaching the right social media influencers. Again, place eggs in different baskets and evaluate their performance. It is often more cost-effective to aim for multiple influencers will less impressive follower numbers than one or two of the most popular.

Tip 3: Buy Website Traffic

There are three things you need to ask yourself before buying web traffic.

  • Is the traffic 100% human?
  • Is your website Adsense enabled?
  • Will your chosen provider send ordered traffic within 48 hours?

Paid targeted website traffic is nothing new; however, this marketing strategy is often ignored thanks to disreputable providers. As paid traffic is one of the most cost-efficient and rapid traffic-driving strategies, those providers have a lot to answer for.

Reputable services such as Ultimate web traffic have been operating for years. Longevity is extremely important, as web traffic providers must first work on producing high volumes of traffic they can then redirect to their clients. This is achieved by creating and managing a multitude of large-scale global and localised websites. That takes time, investment, and longer-term SEO strategies.

If you use Adsense to generate revenue, bear in mind that not all paid web traffic is Adsense-safe. Furthermore, it is impossible for a provider to guarantee Adsense-safe traffic – any service that promises 100% Adsense-safe traffic should be avoided; 99% safe, however, is possible. Web traffic Geeks redirects 99% Adsense-safe traffic to their client websites.

If your chosen provider starts to redirect traffic within 48 hours, you have found a reputable supply. The order-to-delivery process does not need much time. All of the providers mentioned in this section deliver targeted human traffic well within this timescale.

Here’s an additional tip for revenue-based sites – what about reselling web traffic and generating additional income? Providers like Max visits also offer free reseller programs. You’ll pay even lower rates for your own traffic needs, too.

However simple and cost-effective this particular strategy, paid traffic has a notoriously low conversion rate – another reason why it has received bad press. The trick is to look at it from the correct perspective. How else can you generate thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site within a couple of days? Use paid traffic for brand awareness, support campaigns using other channels, and to run simultaneously with more expensive and long-term strategies such as SEO. And consider the following theoretical scenarios

  • A well-orchestrated email marketing campaign targeting 10,000 existing customers produces a 6% conversion rate or 600 sales generated from a $1,500 campaign budget (not including the costs required to find these existing customers in the first place).
  • A 250,000 paid traffic order that generates visitors from targeted audiences costs around $700. It generates 0.2% in conversions. That’s 500 sales at under half the investment. And you have also introduced your brand to a quarter of a million new users.

Tip 4: Backlink to Authority

Just as influencers can rapidly advertise your brand on social media, so can other websites redirect interested parties to your pages. These links generate referral traffic but must be curated with high attention to detail. Always maintain a relationship with a service that is a minimum of the same caliber as your own. You should be looking for sites that have high visitor numbers, high authority, regularly update their content and are not direct competitors. For example, a person starting up a local plumbing company that specialises in emergency services might ask for backlinks from the websites of a local, trusted DIY supplier and a state-wide parenting network (who has time to fix a leak when the kids are running riot?).

All requests for links should be made after significant research and this research must continue throughout the lifecycle of each link. Being associated with a site that takes a sudden reputation nosedive could negatively affect your own reputation.

Tip 5: Make an Impression on Multiple Forums

If you have the time or the staff, you need to share your knowledge for free and answer potential client questions before your competitors can.

Forums have existed for the same length of time as Internet access – after all, one of the worldwide web’s original purposes was a global communications network for scientists. With a forum, you become the expert scientist in your field. Even better, forums cover the specifics most keywords cannot.

As with influencers and backlinks, research is key. Guaranteed there will be more than one that fits your location, specialism, and target audience. And all members of that audience are asking questions that personally concern them.

On a forum, you provide a rapid answer to a customer problem. You reach that person as well as others who come across their request for assistance during a Google search. As long as you answer correctly and do not stray from this truth to ‘solve’ that problem with the services your business provides, forum participation is a rapid traffic-driving method. Naturally, this tip also includes post discussions on social media.

Every website visitor expects transparency, authority, and immediate customer service. Forums give you the space to share your knowledge as a response to a specific need; this means that many of the top online communities are saturated with ‘experts’. And forum members can be extremely harsh in their judgments.

It is easy to get caught out if you aren’t telling the truth. Select a large forum (Quora or Reddit) and a handful of mid to small niche forums where your expert knowledge will really shine through. Analysing consumer questions also gives interesting ideas for website content, additional services and products, and other potential target niches. Take time to create your forum profile and make your answers clear and to the point. Your answer must be as correct, precise, efficient, and transparent as your service.

Rapid Website Traffic – an Adjunct Function

It would be great if we could ensure immediate high-volume traffic that converts. But even if there was a way, the vast growth in online competition would severely decrease its efficiency. A business’s biggest threat is its competition; every online page is packed with marketing tips and tricks to get individuals to land there. How are your pages any different?

No marketing strategy can perform alone – one of the reasons why this particular services sector is continuing to flourish. Every strategy has its expert, and every expert must predict the future and learn the latest theories and methodologies to remain at the top. If your company does not employ a team of marketing specialists, it’s time to start thinking about it.

The more marketing channels your budget can support, the better. Mix and match strategies for the ultimate in outreach and cost-efficiency and watch (and improve upon) what your immediate competition does. Only by continuous analysis and reassessment can a website stand out from the huge crowd and generate high traffic that may or may not convert.

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