5 Essential Components for a Modern Website

5-essential-components-for-a-modern-websiteBuilding a new Web project? Don’t leave out these essential components for a modern site that really drives readership, engages potential customers, and presents your business the right way.

1. Have a Click to Call Option on Your Contact Us Page

There’s a surprising lack of availability on the part of many businesses through their web sites. We’ve all heard that a business runs on communication, but when it comes to telephone availability, too many companies of all sizes don’t even have receptionists, or a working phone number.

On the other hand, some of the smartest businesses are taking it a step further, and make calling the company as quick as the click of a mouse. ‘Click to call’ involves embedding web functionality that allows a caller to enter their phone number, and click a button that will get someone on within the company to call them back. It’s one of the most versatile and user-friendly contact strategies that you can put into a web page, to let potential customers and others know that you are ready to talk business. Learn more about these types of business VoIP calling features.

2. Include an E-mail Submission Form

On the other hand, some web users just want a quick way to shoot off an e-mail. Most modern websites have one of these on the contact page, with just a few easy fields for name, e-mail address and message. Don’t make it overly complicated or clunky — this feature is meant to offer a shortcut to users.

3. Orient Web Visitors with a “Real World” Physical Address

Customers also want to know where your business is located in the real world, or as some tech fans call it, “the meatspace.” It’s abundantly frustrating to have to scour a website for any evidence of what country, state or town the business operator is working out of.

Many companies add a Google map to make it even easier for customers to see where they’re located, and where they would be driving if they came to visit.

4. Make Your Site People-Centered with a People Page

Another big trend these days is a webpage or set of pages that shows who is onboard and working hard at a particular company, alternatively known as about us page. The most transparent companies provide detailed bios and pictures of the individuals who work for them, letting the public know more about what’s going on in-house, and who they will be talking to if they contact the business. It might seem simple, but these kinds of “virtual introductions” really do pave the way for better customer relations and more. One should learn from these examples of best about us pages of the most prestigious companies of the world.

5. Attract the Eye with Modern Visuals

In this day and age, there’s no excuse for a boring, text-heavy and dense web site. Adding some photos and graphics to a website is an imperative — and again, many businesses go bigger with this, using scrolling banners and other neat visual features to attract readers. Again, this shouldn’t be too complicated to use or too data-rich, because it can make sites load slower in browsers.

All five of these things support healthy websites that reach a wide audience, and lead to better conversion and customer loyalty over time.

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