5 Timeless SEO Principles That’ll Double Your Search Traffic

seo tips search trafficIn the internet world, especially in the SEO domain, things change fast. If you are a marketing professional then you might have observed how old strategies are getting outdated and the new techniques are occupying its place. SEO strategies that rocked last few years have been outdated after the emergence of Google, Panda, and Penguin. Though things are constantly changing and new technologies keep evolving, there are certain principles that you can follow to keep the ranking of your website in a good position.

As a professional SEO company India, you must follow Google’s guidelines to maintain and improve your page ranking. These guidelines will help you to keep you page rank safe on the SERPs for the coming years. As the Google’s algorithm changes but its goal remain the same. You must be wondering what more you can do to get more traffic to your websites. This article is going to explain just that! Read on to know more.

Perform SEO Audit

You might be following SEO policies and strategies to increase organic traffic for your website. But just following the same strategies over the years may not help you. As mentioned earlier, the SEO world is volatile with the emergence of new things. You must do SEO audit to monitor the website performance, put forth new goals and adopt new steps to reach the goals. So, these are the checks you must follow during an SEO audit:

  • Check if all the pages in your website have SEO meta titles and descriptions.
  • Check if the pages are optimized for SEO Keywords.
  • Check if the URL structure is optimized for search engines.
  • Check if your blogs and pages are properly formatted.
  • Include keywords in ALT tags of all the images on your website.
  • Use external and internal links on your web pages.

Know What Users Want

Customer is the king of any business. And your customers are the visitors who visit your page. They are your potential clients who have the power to take your business to another level. So, you must concentrate what your target customer wants. Once you know your customer better, you will be able to build content that attracts them. You can adopt several ways which will help you to find out what your potential customer wants, for Example, social media platform.

Use social media platforms: Social media is the best platform to know what a customer wants. You can use the social media platform like Quora to ask a question on any topic related to your web page. Suppose you run a cosmetic brand and you want to know what customers prefer organic or commercial cosmetic. You can ask a question and after getting the answer, you must optimize your product as per the preference of the customers.

Make your Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices are used now to browse web page more than ever. With the emergence of smartphones, people spend a lot of time browsing information on mobile devices. It is reported that around 60% of the daily searches are carried out on mobile phones. And the numbers are even more when it involves e-commerce. According to a report by Business Insider, it is expected that in the United States, around 45% of all e-commerce sales would be done on mobile devices by 2020.

So having a mobile-friendly website is the demand of the hour and you can’t ignore it at all if you want to grow your website traffic. The responsive web design approach for your website is one of the best SEO principles that you can adapt to improve the website traffic.

Optimize the Landing Page

A landing page is the page on a website where the traffic is directed intentionally to promote a particular page or item. As the traffic is directed towards landing page, the viewer first visits the landing page than any other page on the website. Therefore, you must ensure that the landing page is properly optimized for SEO. You should also ensure that the landing page is impressively designed incorporating professional graphics with a clean and stylish layout. Here are the few points that help to make a great landing page:

  • Never use navigation on the landing page
  • Post informative and useful content
  • Include “call to action” pop up like sign up, service, download or subscribe.

Include Infographics

In today’s hectic and fast-paced life, no one has time to read long and boring content. People look for short, informative and interesting content. It is also researched that 65% of the people are visual learners. Therefore, you must make the content in your website short, crisp, informative and interesting. You can do this by including more infographics like illustrations, flowcharts, maps, versus comparisons and photos than the static content.

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