7 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Travel Oriented Sites

7-must-have-wordpress-plugins-for-travel-oriented-sitesTravel nowadays has gone to a whole new level – all thanks to modern technology. With the advent of globally popular travel websites such as TripAdvisor, Expedia and regionally popular such as makemytrip in India and Holidayme in Middle East, travelling has never been easier before. As a travel blogger you don’t want to miss out of all the goodies that come with this wave of change.  So it is important to invest in a few handy WordPress plugins that are sure to enhance your user experience. And since there are so many plugins out there, here is a list of some of the best WordPress travel plugins for your sites that are a must have.

1. Travel Search

Created by Travelgrove, Travel Search plugin offers a single step travel search tool. This plugin enables your visitors to search and even compare vacation packages, hotels, car rentals and flights from a large scale of suppliers. With Travel Search, one can choose to create, customize and even add travel search tools on any part of your WordPress website thereby generating commissions with Travelgrove’s Affiliate program.


2. Polylang

This plugin allows one to create a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. In simple words, it allows you to write posts, pages and create categories and post tags, and then translate them into different languages. This ensures your audience can read and understand the content in their native language with so much ease.


3. MapPress Easy Google Maps

MapPress Easy Google Maps is a must have WordPress travel plugin that enables you to incorporate geographical tags on Google map when you write a post. This way, visitors can get walking, driving or cycling directions they want any time. The plugin allows one to create multiple maps on a single post and is very easy to use. Any time you get to edit a post or even a page on your website, you just have to type in the address you want to map and the Google map will be automatically created.


4. Booking Calendar

This is a free WordPress booking plugin that is simple, well documented and easy to use. It includes a calendar view for both you and your site visitors. It allows visitors to make appointments and reservations with the option to choose from single-day, multi-day or by the hour booking. Clients can even search available services or properties for specific dates and pay online for their own bookings. In addition, it features an intuitive and powerful booking admin panel that allows one to manage the reservations easily.


5. Time Zone Calculator

TimeZoneCalculator is a must-have WordPress plugin for every travel blogger. It is free and is able to tell you the international times of any city or location in the world. The plugin calculates, displays and automatically updates times and dates in different time zones. This way you can know how many hours apart you are with your audience.


6. LogMyTrip

This is a great plugin that enables you to put all the details of your travel experience on your blog for users to see. Your posts gets plotted on Google map highlighting each of your travel experiences on the map. The map is interactive so your audience can always hover their mouse cursor over the name of the place and receive some information about it.


7. Weather Layer

Powered by Yahoo Weather, Weather Layer plugin allows you to display the current weather information for a particular place on your travel site. It is very easy to use and offers both vertical and horizontal options for posts. This free WordPress plugin also allows one to use a short-code to insert a city’s forecast in either a single post or a widget to show weather information in the sidebar of the site.


Bottom Line

Of course this is by no means a non-exhaustive list of WordPress plugins that can revolutionize your travel experience. And since every new day brings new possibilities, it is safe to say that the future of your blogging career looks bright.

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