Blog Stuck in a Rut: How to Take Your Blog to the next Level

blog stuck in a rut how to take your blog to the next levelWhen you want to create a blog just know that is more common now than ever before. With this saturation in the blogging community it is possible that your blog is in sort of a rut. If your traffic numbers are stagnant or are decreasing it is time to step up your game. There are different ways that you can help take your blog to the next level. Some will take outreach while others might take a bit of time. The following are some ways that you can take your blog to new heights.

Experiment With Different Types of High Quality Content

One type of content week after week can become stale to even your most loyal of visitors. Take some time and try different types of content in order to interest and engage your visitors. Podcasts with a live-tweeting hashtag allows readers to ask questions about subject matter or even random questions they have had for their favorite blogger. Video content can be a bit more difficult to produce so this might be in the backseat until the proper materials are purchased. Interactive content can be used as well in the form of tests like many popular websites use daily or even how WebMD diagnoses people.

Bring in Some Big Names in Your Niche

There is a chance that your blog hasn’t gotten the proper exposure that it deserves. Bringing in a big name in your niche to write an article or to do an interview can produce the desired exposure. These big names will often tweet or post on social media about an interview or article to check out that they have done. The best case scenario is that the big name allows you to do a guest piece of content on their personal or company site. This will take quite a bit of outreach to find a big wig that will do this but it is possible. Many well-known bloggers know what it is like just starting out so appeal to this when reaching out.

Utilize Social Media

The best free promotion that a blogger can do is that of sharing content via social media. This gives the blogger the chance to reach a whole new audience if in their niche if they hashtag in the proper manner. The social engagement that you have on each post also can help a blog with its SEO ranking. Travel bloggers should take to Twitter as well as Instagram. For Instagram, there should be some of the best pictures they have taken personally at a popular locale or the pictures a reader has submitted to the site. Twitter has more to do with interacting with readers and answering questions or concerns about a location or tips to traveling to a location. A cooking blog would utilize Pinterest as this is a popular platform to share recipes and even homemade crafts.

Do Some SEO Work on Your Blog

Hopefully after years of owning a blog you will know how to take care of your onsite SEO. If not, take a look at some SEO for beginners articles and adjust your metatags accordingly. Many designers will keep SEO in mind when developing your site so mention this if you are redesigning and launching your blog for a second time. Do content marketing via guest posting in order to drive the metrics on your site up. There are plenty of places that will allow a link back to your blog in exchange for free content. This will take outreach as well but with all of the email blast tools available, you can make quick work of it.

Do not let your blog fall by the wayside as it takes a lot of work to maintain one for an extended period of time. Try some of the above tips to get your blog out of its rut and take it to new heights!

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