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free logo maker wixA well-designed and professional looking logo is always going to build your brand image and trust. Your prospects are more likely to choose your company when they come across a logo that looks professionally designed. It is a symbol of how effective you are in delivering your products and services. It also conveys crucial information about your brand even before your potential costumer reads or hears anything else about you, and as a first impression it can determine a lot going forward. Designing a logo can mean spending hundreds of dollars and several weeks to get a final design that meets your expectations. It means hiring a logo designer and spending hours and hours to get a design that defines your brand image.

Use Wix Logo Maker

It is not essential for everyone to hire the services of an expensive logo designer. The Wix Logo Maker is a smart solution for designing your logo. This is an easy-to-use online software that allows anyone (even those without any designing experience) to design their own logo.

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Your business logo is the most important part of your company’s visual identity. It goes on your business cards, website, letter heads, brochures and other marketing materials, and all your advertisements. It is what your existing and potential customers are going to recognize your business with. And using this free logo maker, you can design your own logo to perfection. Add all the elements you want into the logo and ensure that it is the true picture of what you want to depict.

So what does this logo designing software offer?

It is Easy to Use

When it comes to designing a logo, most business owners think that it requires extensive designing experience and skills. With Wix Logo Maker, you can design your own logo without the need for any designing skills. The steps involved are simple and anyone with basic drag-and-drop IT skills can use it.

The basic steps in designing your logo are as follows:

  • Enter your company name.
  • Describe your business. This part requires you to choose from a set of phrases that perfectly defines your business philosophy. The logo’s design foundation will be based on how you are best able to define the identity of your organization and how it operates.
  • Evaluate logo design suggestions. Wix will present you with different design options based on the answers youv’e provided. You can browse through all the options to choose the one that best matches your expectations.
  • Edit and customize the chosen logo design. The online program provides you with basic designing tools so that you can easily customize all the different design elements of the logo. Keep editing the colors of the different elements, the font type, font size, and other features until you have a logo that is perfect.

You can then download the logo in low resolution and test it wherever you want to use it. Check this to go through the entire process of designing a logo with utmost ease.

Dedicated Editor

dedicated editor logo maker wix

Wix Logo Maker provides you with an online editor. You can customize different elements of the logo design including:

  • Adding or customizing the shape
  • Opacity
  • Border colors
  • Border width
  • Fill color

All the elements including the icon, shape, tagline, and name can be customized as per your preferences.

Download High-Resolution Vector Files

You are going to need a high-revolution file of your logo design to use it on your websites and printed materials. Wix goes beyond and allows you to download high-resolution vector files. You can use These files anywhere without ever losing the graphics quality. Whether you re going to use a tiny version of your logo or want your logo to go on a huge billboard, it will render in its full glory without ever losing quality.

Start Designing a Logo without any Design Skills

The Wix Logo Maker is designed to be used by anyone. You don’t need to have any previous designing experience. It doesn’t provide you with complicated designing tools found in advanced software. Even with a basic online editor you can have complete control over each element of your logo.

All you will need to know is how to use a mouse and its basic drag-and-drop functions. It is worth mentioning that the logo suggestions provided by Wix are based on tens of millions of data sets that the company has collected over years of being in business. So the logo design suggestions that you get are highly accurate based on the answers you provide. This further simplifies the task of editing. You will not have to make lots of changes to the logo to achieve your desired goals.


This logo maker is provided by Wix, one of the largest and most trusted online platforms for building online brand presence. It is trusted by over 120 million people across the world. This logo designing program banks on Wix’s vast online resources and datasets to make it a breeze for anyone to design their own logo. It also allows you to take your branding efforts a step further by signing-up for an account and designing your website on the platform. And similar to the logo designing process, it also simplifies its website designing process.

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