How to Know If You’re Choosing the Right Domain Registrar for Your New Website

domain registration tips guidesStarting to look for a domain registrar? You might have known by now the surprising differences in what each offer – or fail to offer. Shopping around tends to confuse even the most seasoned business owner.

There’s a recipe you should consider if you are to find a good domain registrar for your website. Here are them:

Competitive pricing. As you know, competition among domain registrars is brutal to the benefit of consumers. Check to see if a domain provider’s pricing policies are competitive before choosing their services. Pay attention to sneaky hidden fees, such as e-mail services or domain forwarding. While price shouldn’t be your top priority, it’s still a consideration to take especially if you’re a start-up and every buck counts.

Knowledgeable and good technical support. Trouble happens even to the best domain registrar. What sets them apart is their ability to work on an issue – whether fixing or preventing them from happening in the first place. You must know the registrar’s customer service department and they’re capable of responding quickly when your website run into a roadblock.

Regardless, speaking with a technically proficient support representative isn’t always a given. Evaluate the domain registrar’s support policies. Some offers live technical chat while others offer live telephone support.

Offers feature-packed service. Take advantage of a domain registration service from Crazy Domains PH with extra features that you can get for free. Some of which are as follows:

  • Domain Manager. Allows you to manage all of your domains, renewals, billing and services in one place via an existing Domain Manager which includes quick setups and management tools.
  • DNS Hosting. Allows you to control the DNS settings of your domain names. Organise your DNS records in real time through a reliable DNS hosting delivered across a global network.
  • 24/7 Support. Full assistance. Every product provided backed by 24/7 support. Connect any time to our global support centres and speak with our friendly, professional support agents.
  • Domain Transfer. We have an easy, open policy allowing you to allocate your domain anytime. Other registrars have locked in contracts or fees.

Many registrars offer full services. Other services also include SEO tools that will kickstart your web marketing efforts.

Has SSL certificates. It can be confusing to have separate bills for a single client’s domain needs: domain registration, web hosting, e-mail hosting, and SSL certificates. This is also cost ineffective and inefficient. Your chosen registrar should have a package service within a single pricing package. This simplifies recordkeeping and administration while lowering costs.

Site building tools. Most leading domain registrars also offer site building tools that aren’t complex. Many start-ups just want to launch a professional, informational web site that can improve their client communication and suppliers. In such cases, complicated and expensive web design firms may not be necessary.

End Note

Lastly, you should check if the domain registrar has an acceptable transfer policy. You generally can’t transfer a name during the first 2 months after registration, but it could be longer. Some may not even allow transfers or otherwise charge a hefty fee.

There you have it. Following the tips above will help you find the right domain registrar and let you start off right. Best of luck!

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