How to Skyrocket Landing Page Conversions in No-Time

how to skyrocket landing page conversions in no timeSo your conversion rate for your landing pages is in the gutter and you aren’t sure how to lift it back up to a respectable number. If you find yourself in this predicament, you aren’t alone. But just because others are in the same boat, doesn’t mean you should go along with the crowd and settle for subpar results.

Four Conversion-Boosting Tips

Before you can address your low conversion rate, you have to understand the root cause.  There are two general causes of low conversion rates. The first has to do with having the wrong people on your landing page. After all, if you’re attracting the wrong people, then you stand no chance of moving them to action. The second cause is a poor website experience that does a bad job of delighting visitors.

If your landing page is suffering from a low conversion rate, then you’re dealing with one of these underlying issues (or possibly both). Here are some tips to help you make your way out.

1. Tweak the Page Layout

Page layout plays a huge role in getting visitors to follow through on your conversion goals. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention, and the way in which you structure the content has a direct impact on how visitors respond.

If you’re going to study landing page conversions, it makes sense to study an example from a company that specializes in conversions. This example from Unbounce is the perfect illustration of what a good layout looks like. It features CTA buttons and information above the fold, with clean, crisp copy below the fold for those interested in learning more.

2. Geotarget the Page

There’s something incredibly powerful about narrowing your focus down to a sub-segment of your larger target market. The more you’re able to hone in on a specific group, the greater the chance you have of reaching them in a meaningful way. Geotargeting is one way to do this.

This landing page from US Storage Centers is a great example. It’s targeting the specific location of Hawthorne, NY, which allows them to engage a smaller segment of their market and deliver meaningful value.

3. Closely Examine Traffic Sources

Where is your traffic coming from? If you have a low conversion rate and an exceptionally high bounce rate, this likely indicates that you’re attracting the wrong visitors.

In order to ensure you’re funneling the right people to your landing page, spend some time studying your page analytics. Are you getting a lot of visitors from irrelevant sites or spammy links? What percentages of visitors come from social media posts and organic search? You can learn a lot by digging into the numbers and looking backwards.

4. Change the Headline

The landing page headline is one of the first things a visitor will notice, so make sure it’s getting a lot of your attention in the development process.

“Headlines are an important step in getting the traffic to your post,” one expert notes. “The headline is what catches the visitor’s attention and draws them into visiting and reading the post. Headline starting with ‘How to…’, ‘Ways to…’ ‘Top 10’, ‘Most popular’ have a higher chance of catching the visitor’s attention.” Other good keywords are “secret,” “hack,” and “surprise.”

Maximize Your Conversions

Every single visitor that arrives on your landing page is worth something. That’s why large companies stress over even a one percent fluctuation in conversion rates. They know that it could mean the difference between being profitable and losing money. As you continue to keep an eye on your conversion rate, look for new opportunities to maximize conversions in the most efficient way possible.

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