If You Build It, They Will Come: Website Optimization Simplified

if-you-build-it-they-will-come-website-optimization-simplifiedFor many people creating websites for individual purposes or for small business ventures, increasing your traffic is a necessity. This can be done through a lot of methods if you don’t have a major marketing budget. Some of these methods include skill, perseverance and sometimes luck.  There are various strategies out there you can put into place right now. Remember that not all traffic is equal, but instead you should look at finding a targeted market.

Optimizing Growth and Traffic

There are a few different strategies that can be used to create a viable and busy website. You’ll learn the importance of SEO, while also leveraging other methods that are equally as important in having an interactive and visited website.

The first order of business is to make the most out of search engine optimization (SEO). Using it correctly is the difference of success and growing an audience between diminishing your website and wasting time on outdated concepts. The core basis behind SEO is to design your site to be on good terms with search engines. Some of the major principle is linking out to your own content, and other quality websites. All aspects of a site can benefit from this practice.

Some simplistic methods are a good user interface that links back and out to qualified and top authority sites. Also picking up on keywords without overly doing it assists in bringing you to the first pages. Images and videos should have tags to show where to find the videos and be indexed. Staying on top of trends and new technologies is essential in staying up to date in the SEO world.

Content Creation

One of the first tenants of a good website is having engage-able well thought out content. That means promoting your brand as a leader and doing so through a unique and concise blog platform and offering value. Some of the free items you might offer to entice future customers or visitors is a free newsletter, or resource to use on visiting occasions back to the website.

Promote your material through social media and make your website a visit worth remembering. If you’re an industry leader on popular websites, you’ll draw more people to the site. The way to do this is by spreading your knowledge through popular contributor sites like Quora or Reddit. Having brand representation on multiple fields can help develop a community with types of professional or leisure forum groups.

Further Advertising

There are always more ways to increase traffic and find new sources to supply your website with them. Remember that the targeted approach is the most beneficial. Online advertising can generate hundreds to thousands of clicks if placed correctly to the right demographic.

There are always new ad platforms due to new forms of technologies and mediums that encourage advertising. It is a multi-billion dollar industry supporting technological giants and is a fundamental of business. Getting your business and for that matter a website into the eyes of a target market are the first steps in getting sales. The traffic is meaningless without a sale.

Your rate of return should greatly outweigh any potential costs done through advertising. There are a few components that first begins with creating an effective ad to find the correct target market. The targeting and design are those two major aspects. It needs to be eye catching that will cause someone to take action, namely clicking your website and being directed to what service or product you’re selling.

When running ads, you don’t need to go big straight away, nor should you.

Spend only a minimal amount per day and see what happens with that limited funds. This can be done through running a few days ads on Facebook with a minimal amount of money put down. Experiment with the different platforms allotted to your area of business.

Guest Blogging

If you’re an expert or know your stuff in whatever you’re selling then try writing about it. If writing isn’t in your skill set you can hire writers to get out what needs to be said. Guest blogging is one of the ways to bring visitors from other high profile websites.

It is a great tool to establish your site as an industry leader and tap into already marketed to targets. Find websites that suit your particular niche and expand on that by getting into contact with them and networking. All of these methods contribute to you optimizing your website.


Oscar Byrne has worked as a web designer and SEO consultant ever since leaving college. He is knowledgeable and able to explain to his clients in simple terms what needs to be done to create a user-friendly website that Google visits often. He writes articles monthly sharing hi tips and tricks on web design, the search engines and more.

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