Job Board Plugins and Themes to Create Awesome WordPress Job Sites in 2016

job-board-plugins-wordpress-themes-jobsitesBlending a job portal in your current WordPress site in order to create new job websites can increase your overall revenue. Once you invest your time, energy and money to do the initial work, the job portals can continue bringing in money on the auto-pilot. By now, you must have been familiar with the different job sites. In fact, you must have visited a lot of job sites for different purposes! The job portals are nothing but platforms for the individual employers and companies to post their job vacancies and allow the job seekers to apply for their respective jobs. Job sites are gaining momentum due to the trend of more and more people getting almost everything done online.

Did you ever think of creating a job portal of your own? If answered yes, you’ve clicked on the right article. The concerns of this article will deal with the best WordPress job plugin or themes which can help you in creating a job portal. Read on.

  1. Jobify [Theme]: Jobify is a flat designed theme inspired by WordPress which has been designed for all job boards. You need just 5 minute install time to get your WordPress site running. The theme can be personalized with variations in colors and fonts and you also get innumerable options to tweak your website and change the look. This is an incredibly popular job board theme among the users.
  2. WP Job Manager [Plugin]: Unlike the above mentioned job board themes, this one is a powerful yet simple WordPress plugin for making a job board in any WordPress website. If can just make a few CSS changes, you can make the plugin work with any WordPress theme. This plugin even allows you to show the job posting in different formats. Its admin user interface will be pretty familiar and user-friendly for any WordPress user.
  3. Jobmonster [Theme]: In case you’re looking forward to a good quality WordPress job theme, your search should stop with Jobmonster. The customers can get an advantage of being notified of every update through either Facebook notifications or email updates. If you meet with any kind of issue, their extremely supportive customer service team will always be at your service. This is a hard coded job theme which doesn’t need any added plugin cost.
  4. WP Job Board [Plugin]: This is yet another WordPress plugin for designing a full-featured job portal within a very short span of time. By leveraging this plugin, you can blend a job board with the website of your company. Apart from being compatible with any theme, the plugin even supports frameworks like Thesis, Genesis and Headway. WP JobBoard is integrated with payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.
  5. JobsDirectory [Theme]: JobsDirectory is an awesome WordPress theme for job recruitment sites and employment agencies. Given the several options that this theme offers for monetization, you can receive fees for every submission and post. You can implement a color customizer and allow the users to design a page that perfectly matches their vision and wish. This is an entirely responsive theme and is capable of displaying every page and section on desktops, tablets, laptops and smartphones.
  6. Jobs & Experts [Plugin]: Jobs & Experts is a useful plugin for displaying candidate profiles, job listings in your WordPress sites. You can even use this plugin to connect the employers with the job seekers. The job posting feature is straightforward and simple. The candidates can have their professional profiles to include all relevant information like their contact details, social media profiles, photo and portfolio.

Therefore, if you’re interested in incorporated job board into your WordPress website, you may use the above mentioned themes and plugins.

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