Top 7 Important Web Development Trends In 2020

top 7 important web development trends in 2020
Every year new technologies and trends are established to improve the environment where web developers find themselves in. One year carries the mark made by mobile responsiveness, another year with static websites, and another new year with chatbots. To keep up with so many changes might be enough for many companies in the industry to feel discouraged. However, to receive success in your business you need to refuse of being discouraged as you are well-aware of the importance of preparing for the coming future. Several trends will make a difference in 2020 and used by reliable Web Development Company, and they are provided below. They are:

1. Lower development and modular design cost

With the help of a modular design web, developers are given the chance to reuse the modules and components to build a web page. This is considered to be a much better option than creating a web page with the help of restrictive templates. Modular designs are pictured as an advance step for templates and developers can grab the chance to use it and create content blocks to display information. This is considered to be the most powerful way. Therefore, when you think of building a modular designed web page, it’s like building something with a Lego set. Just like each piece of a Lego is required to be interlocked with one another to create a shape, the same goes for the modular designs when creating web pages.

2. The rise of mobile users and responsive designs

These days, responsive designs have become more of a “must-have” rather than “nice to have” According to studies, in 2015 35% of the website traffic was provided to mobile users. However, in 2016 the number increased to 43% and by 2017 it became 50.3% and all this website traffic was generated with the help of mobile devices, not laptops or tablets. With all of that, now it is not surprising enough to Google releases its first mobile indexing, which happened when 2019 officially arrived. In a nutshell, mobile devices will transform into an end of all rankings and it is official. This will allow the developers to be well-prepared and if you are an owner of a mobile, responsive website, then you are clear.

rise of mobile users and responsive designs

3. Customer support and chatbots

Due to their instantaneity, around 57% of the individuals appreciate the existence of chatbots. However, experts have predicted that 85% of the customer interaction will take place without the presence of a human on a specific business by the end of 2020. Similarly, chatbots will become the ultimate and number one application for all consumers for the AI [Artificial Intelligence] interaction for the next five years. However, chatbots are already making their place among the experts who handle customer services, and it is not a big surprise. When there is the presence of chatbots, all businesses can save a good deal of their money by investing in them rather than humans.

4. Voice search optimization

The voice search queries have multiplied 35 times between the years 2008 to 2016. Studies have provided evidence that there are about 19% of the individuals use Siri at least once per day. On the other hand, 55% of teenagers and 40% of the adults takes the help of voice search regularly. By 2020, about 50% of the search queries will be conducted with the help of voice instead of text. The voice search is the ultimate trend that is breaking into all the search engines. The technologies like iPhone, Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri, Alexa, and Echo are increasing on how much of a commonplace the voice search can be. The technologies are also making consumers feel comfortable with the feature.

5. APT: Frist streamlines and design workloads

The more connected the world will be, the increase of APIs will each of the application end up having. However, with the birth of IoT our cars, wearable techs, homes, gaming systems, mobile devices, laptops, and tablets are known to stay all connected. This will provide a good deal of convenience for the users. Therefore, the situation might become slightly dicey with the web developers to build the applications in the wrong location. However, the developers are known to start their work from the users, build and design the application, and adds in the appropriate APIs.

frist streamlines and design workloads

6. Motion the serving attention spans and UI

The internet is a massive platform and you know that well enough. But you may not know how it can affect an individual’s average attention span. Many have claimed that the human’s attention span is much worse than that of a goldfish. However, the best way to grab the attention of the customers is by the captivating motion of UI. You will come across a good deal of motion UI efforts as the attention spans are suffering a lot. The effort is taken care of by the developers who will make sure to grab the attention of all the visitors and enable them to stay engaged.

7. Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence

By 2020, it is guaranteed that the robots will make a difference in the world of cybersecurity. The developers are still learning to build a proper AI [Artificial Intelligence], which can provide services for everything from predictive trends and image recognition to customer support. There is no doubt that AI will become the coming future for cybersecurity.

By keeping the information provided in this document in your hands, it will give you a clear image on the trends that might make a huge difference in 2020.

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