Top Tips for Building Niche Websites

There is no one-size-fits all web template so if you are going to be developing your site, it would help to build a niche website that is designed to work with your particular industry. The layout of your site should be in keeping with your niche as well as the color scheme and types of content you use. These top tips can help you develop a niche website that will work for you.


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Start with a Theme Designed for Your Niche

One mistake which many people make when building their own niche website is to choose a theme or a template that appeals to them on a personal level. It is wise to keep in mind that you are using your site to market your products or services. Consequently, you need to develop your site to appeal to potential customers. Your web presence is one of your strongest marketing tools so it is important to use a niche theme that builds on the image you want to portray. If you are hiring a web development company to build your site, they will design a theme that works. If not, then search for templates with niche related keywords and chances are you will find a theme that was designed specifically for your niche.

SEO Content with Competitive Keywords

You can have the most attractive website that works well for your niche but if you don’t get any traffic, it’s not going to do you much good. The key to generating traffic to your site is to rank highly with the search engines and of course, the best way to do that is with targeted niche SEO content. The trick is to find keywords that are competitive but not so competitive that you don’t have a chance of ‘winning’ against older sites with more rank than you have. However, SEO is just one way to capture the interest of the search engines.

Videos Rank Highly with Google

In recent years well-crafted videos have been ranking higher and higher with Google. These work especially well on niche websites because they are informative and that’s what the search engines love. You can build your online reputation as a site of authority with professional quality videos. This is why contractors will often have a professional video produced on a trench shoring job, for example to show how the team works to get the job done and why it was necessary. This type of plumbing contractor does a highly specialized line of work and that’s why videos work so well with customers and Google alike.

The point is, the more niche oriented your business is, the more niche oriented your website should be. You want traffic to your site but if that traffic isn’t focused enough, your bounce rate will go sky high and that doesn’t rank well with Google. The traffic you attract should be looking for what you are selling and the above tips will help you accomplish that. Not everyone will want what you have to offer, so use your niche website to attract the ones who do.

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