MilesWeb Review – Why Host Your WordPress Site With Them?

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If you’re thinking about starting your WordPress website or blog, you should research the best WordPress hosting options.

There’s a significant difference between common hosting platforms and the best WordPress hosting in the market.

WordPress is a popular content management system that allows you to create a professional bespoke website with a range of themes, plugins, and widgets. WordPress’s adaptability is one of the reasons for its popularity; you can customize your system to fit everything from one-person blogging operations to big businesses.

There is, however, a catch: anyone who isn’t a hobbyist will almost certainly want to host a WordPress site on their domain, which necessitates finding a WordPress host. A WordPress hosting service might even be used by anyone who only wants to maintain a WordPress blog. Finding the finest WordPress hosting company, like picking a web hosting service in general, may make your life a lot simpler. You could also want to consider using a website builder to assist you in creating your WordPress site or perhaps hiring a WordPress specialist to lead you through the process.

The 7 factors making your WordPress hosting optimal are speed, security, scalability, support, space, server location, and SSL.

To cut a long tale short, here is an investigation and evaluation of the best WordPress hosting option.

MilesWeb provides an environment that is ideal for hosting WordPress sites of any size and type, as well as simple tools for setting up your website.

milesweb review why host your wordpress site with them

MilesWeb’s customer service has received nothing but praise and is available via live chat and email 24x7x 365.

For the most part, MilesWeb is an excellent option.

It’s inexpensive, and it comes with a nice bonus: a free domain name for the first year with some of its WordPress hosting plans.

MilesWeb has updated its user panel, making it easier to interact with your hosting configuration, particularly if you wish to launch your site using WordPress, which MilesWeb will install for you.

Managed WordPress Hosting 

Managed WordPress sites have access to one of the most advanced levels of hosting available. Managed WordPress hosting removes the worry of hosting and managing your website by connecting you with a team of WordPress specialists who will guide you through the process.

The majority of managed WordPress sites are hosted on a dedicated server. It may, however, be set up for virtual private server (VPS), cloud hosting, or even shared hosting. The type of server features you can have is determined by the hosting service you pick. The bulk of managed WordPress services employ dedicated servers, which provide you with more control over server settings and scalability.

Reasons to Host Your WordPress Site with MilesWeb!

  • Plan Cost

MilesWeb’s greatest ever deals on all WordPress hosting plans include a 70% discount and a free domain name. MilesWeb offers cheapest WordPress hosting plans that starts from just $0.90 per month.

Solo, Prime, and Multi are the three WordPress hosting choices offered by MilesWeb.

The Solo plan costs $0.90/per month, the Prime plan $3/per month, and the Multi plan $3.90/per month.

The Multi plan gives you unlimited access to as many resources as you want for the most affordable price.

All the plans have a 70% discount and the best web hosting features at the lowest possible price!

milesweb review why host your wordpress site with them1

You can also check their Linux cPanel web hosting that is used for PHP-based websites/apps.

  • Security with a Free SSL Certificate

MilesWeb’s security experts are always on the hunt for WordPress vulnerabilities. The Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate helps to keep data safe and encrypted. As a result, every MilesWeb site comes with an free SSL certificate.

  • Free Domain Name

After you’ve settled on a domain name for your business, you’re done. If you buy a one-year or three-year Prime or Multi plan from MilesWeb, you’ll get a free .COM domain. You must purchase these plans for one or three years to take advantage of this price and free domain. The domain name will be free for the first year, with renewal payments commencing the following year.

  • Free WordPress Migration

MilesWeb’s in-house support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your website transfer whenever it is convenient for you. They take care of migrating your website’s data from your existing host to their server at no cost to you.

  • Integrated Capability

MilesWeb’s managed WordPress hosting services feature the newest Xeon CPUs, SSD storage, and hardware RAID 10. The server configuration’s optimal performance benefits all WordPress-hosted websites.

  • Regular WordPress Updates 

If you use their managed WordPress hosting, you won’t have to manually check for WordPress updates. The updating operation is carried out automatically in the backend by the support team. Furthermore, MilesWeb’s technical experts monitor new releases to ensure that critical WordPress platform upgrades are implemented.

  • Datacenter Selection

You can’t say this data center is the best if it doesn’t reach your target market. You must first decide the location of your target audience if you want to create an optimal data center. Then choose the data center that is nearest to your target audience from among our many options.

datacenter selection

To Conclude:

MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting provides you with a WordPress-optimized server, greatest resources and the server management for your WordPress website at a reasonable price.

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