Prediction Of WPDesigner Dot Com Total Net Worth


Yesterday the buzz in WordPress community are about small potato decision on selling his branded WPDesigner Dot Com site. Personally i was shocked but not the one that causing a heart attack 😆 this morning that the sp (small potato nickname) are putting his years branded WPdesigner Dot Com for sell in sitepoint. Sp initial set price are about USD65,000 and currently geting his first bid on USD15,000. Settle in he will get more advance bid later in the auction.

What Is My First Thought On SP Selling His Site?

well i’m not going to give a construct opinion on sp decision. Truthfully he already done so much work and contribution to the WordPress community with the released of more than 40 free wordpress theme (i lost the count there, how many theme did sp release?) and also posting as many as tutorials concerning wordpress. The fact that he is his own boss..i mean he run the site himself, selling the site will be entirely his final decision so i would say good luck and safe journey on his dream on travelling around the world (yikes! its my dream too)

1. Let’s Sum Up What Would WPDesigner Total Net Worth?

Be in mind, although i’m not an expert in marketing point of view but i got my math working properly during highschool :mrgreen: zebra..alzebra

Let’s terms of the best selling point in sp sells will be his domain name WPDesigner Dot Com. With the unpredictable growing of WordPress platform over the years and it will be going even further in the next future. With the Amongst Top Rank in google search for WordPress Themes Tutorial and WordPress Themes Designer. This alone already getting his dot com value on the chart about USD30,000 estiaments. I know investers love statics so here is the most updated statics on WPDesigner dot com

– Had a main site pagerank of 7

– Among the most linked site in technorati (although the recent technorati banned issue on couple of major site, this statics still proven visible on the site linking stats)

[According to sp stats]

Awstats – approximately 70,000 uniques and 896,000 pageviews

Google Analytics – 65,439 absolute unique visitors and over 300,000 pageviews from February 9 to March 10

Personally i’m not an SEO expert or analyst, assuming the stats is really impressive. 😀

2. The Copyright Transfer Worth In General

Assuming the fact that sp is going to transfer his all copyright on wpdesigner on the new owner. This will includes a copyright on all his free theme about 40-50 free wordpress theme lying around the wordpress themes site. Now let’s give a value of USD1000 for the each theme copyright and that would been estiament about USD40,000 to USD50,000. With the include of all his copyright on premium member theme clubs, that will give a total sum of USD60,000 in general.

Ok i know you may asked why would a there be a difference on a site copyright and his themes copyright. With the selling of his branded WPDesigner, i assumed he will be selling his brand(WPDesigner Dot Com) not the actuall content (that include the copyright of the themes created by him over the years) …like said you can’t buy microsoft brand without buying all the copyright on all the product that using the microsoft brand, right? 😀

3. Advertisment And Marketing Value With WPDesigner Dot Com


With the investment paying load with the predicted net worth, the advertisment and marketing value will be first priority on making a profits out of everything. First, the advertiment value in WPDesigner, let’s say the monthly ads board in WPDesigner would be around USD200 (at minimum with the traffic growing along the years). With maximum 6 ads spot for 125 x 125 banner board, it will generate an income of USD1200 permonth and with the generally wise google adsense or any advertising method that will be conducted by the new owner, it should round up about USD20,000 above a year for ads income (banner – 1200x12month=USD14400 + any revenue or alternate income for advertisments)


The big main point on the obtaining the WPDesigner brand will be pushing it marketing value to the max. Over the years sp been lacking the site marketing potential, he already produce tons of free wordpress theme but still haven’t got a chance to market more advance and more high quality (paid themes) to its fullest potential. Small potato initial move on stay away from the market of “premium/magazine theme” are losing some of his site market potential. I would love to see him created a final one go away premium/magazine theme similiar to JWM when his sales in sitepoint are successfull. In the other hand just to comfort his readers and also drop the final bomb on the magazine themes trend.haha..just kidding…

its not like small potato will be going away forever, he did stated he will peek around the site and see what’s the latest buzz in wordpress community.

Ok before i forget, the marketing loss on sp decision on staying away from premium/magazine will be…let’s see the current magazine theme are tagged with about USD70 minimum pertheme and about USD200 minimum perdevelopment theme. If the paid theme sales goes well, it should round up about 20-30 copies permonth (both package mix) and that will generate an income of (let’s take the summing form – USD200-USD70 = USD130 x 30 = USD3900 at minimum permonth and about USD46800 peryear income) *although this seems alluring, it is a base prediction estiament only…damn…that’s some hard cash flow…

In Conclusion

The final round up on the prediction of WPDesigner Dot Com net worth will be about USD156,800. The sum net worth may seems a big number for individual party but for a corporate and business point of view, the net worth is tempting..why? The growing wordpress platform is getting more and more exposure with the creator matt travelling around the continent to spread the wordpress wings, it shouldn’t take long before corporate, business and even politician starting to used wordpress as their communcation platform. The fact that recent US Elections had seen his effect on some candidates are using wordpress platform to communicate or speak their mind (i forget where i read about the news…i’m not a political follower..hehe)

Also the recent buzz about wordpress will become more social community platform with the automattic acquires buddypress . It will also take the platform up a notch on communication and media social blogging tools so getting your hand on a power branded site like WPDesigner may come handy in the future for developing any kind of wordpress developments related….good investment i guess…ka ching!

And finally wish small potato find his new path in life and carrear and have a wonderful journey in travelling…

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