TimThumb – Fast And Easy Thumbnails Creation

Darren Hoyt from darrenhoyt.com and Ben Gillbanks from binarymoon had work together to released this wonderful script that generated a very flexible and wicked thumbnails creation called TimThumb.

I myself already installed this wonderful script to the site and now caching of the frontpage custom field images are faster since before that i was using the same big images from custom field with a image resize but the file size to load are the same as big image so you can imagine how the site loads will be effected.

With the TimThumb script, now all custom field images are auto crop or tonedown so the usual 100kb images are now only 50kb so to speak…even slight improvement on the site loading already enough to make me happy 😆

Darren well known for his creation of Mimbo series and Ben Gillbanks a wordpress wiz that created the bm custom login and the widely used bm trackback and pingback separator started the work during the release of mimbo pro and releasing the script as an open source program 😯

Finally thanks to Darren and Ben for this great work 😀 if you just like me who hate to created 2 separate custom images (big and small image) to associated with one post, this script definately worth a try..server management and script installation can be found at the script release page

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