8 Incredible WordPress Plugins You Should Consider Install

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Plugins are by far the easiest way that you can optimize your website, whether you’re running a CRA voluntary disclosure site that needs less interactive details and more indexed pages or a FDA consultants site that aims to have an innovative web platform. Plugins are quick and easy to install by simply uploading the downloaded file into your WordPress platform and can easily be gotten for free or for a low cost.

From plugins that capture new e-mail subscribers at an impressively high rate to plugins that make your website run lightning fast, here are some of the best ones out on the market today.


Have you ever seen amazing subscription boxes on websites and wondered where they got them from? OptinMonster may be the key. This plugin allows you create a number of opt-in boxes in your sidebars, footers, embedded in blog posts, and even pop up ads set to timers. It’s a great tool. It also allows you to monitor your subscription box success rates so you can see which ones are most effective. The bets bit is that it also allows you to run A/B testing so you can see what designs and what copy is going to get you the highest rate of subscribers.

W3 Total Cache

The plugin W3 Total Cache sounds quite boring, but it’s a wonderful tool. This plugin helps to increase the load speed of your website to make sure you’re not losing visitors with low patience – which is most of them. It will decrease download times, increase page load times, and help to better your websites performance overall. It shines when you’re in a particularly high traffic period of time.


JetPack is one of the most useful WordPress plugins in existence and is a must download. This is a massive toolkit that you can use full of analytic tools, increased site security, engagement features for your visitors, social sharing, spam-free comments (yay!), related posts, and so much more. There are lightweight options and it’s incredibly responsive. You’ll love this app and won’t know how you lived without it.


Defend is essentially an anti-virus plugin that will prevent hackers from breaking into your site. What it does is it looks for any loopholes in your system to see where you’re vulnerable and then gives you the option to patch them with only a click. It’s a great tool for preventing attacks that could take your site down.


Spam comments are a plague. They are the most annoying and ugliest things to have to sort through, especially when there are people making valuable comments being drowned out by nonsense. Akisment has a built in system to filter out any comment that looks like it might be spam, it has a great track record of dividing the real comments from the fake ones. If you’re worried that it will remove good comments, it will keep a record of them so that you’re able to re-submit the comments.

Google XML Sitemaps

This tool will help to index your site so that it’s easier for search engines to track them. This will generate an XML sitemap so that any web crawlers will be able to understand your website as efficiently as possible. So anytime you make a new post or addition to your site, search engines such as Google and Bing will get a notification, giving you the best chance possible for bringing in more viewers.

Contact Form 7

Allowing your website visitors to be able to contact you is really important and this plugin will allow you to easily create and manage those forms. By downloading this app you’ll have a contact form in a matter of minutes that works really well. It even has it’s own CAPTCHA so that you may avoid as many spam bots as possible.


YARPP stands for Yet Another Related Posts Plugin and serves to help users navigate your website more easily while reducing your bounce rate. YARPP will give viewers the option to see posts that are tagged similarly to the one they are currently reading. From your perspective as the website owner, you will be able to not only choose content from your website to display, but you’ll be able to have the chance to make money by displaying related sponsored content.

Final Conclusion

There are so many plugins out there it’s hard to decide what the best of any given type of plugin is, but these have been counted on for years by the best bloggers in the business, so it’s worth giving these guys a shot to improve your site.

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