Dezzain Free Theme – NobusX2


NobusX2 a 2nd version of Nobus Theme with added feature such as:

  • 4 adblock sidebar
  • Global CSS font and Headline Headings
  • UTW and Native Tags Compatible
  • PSD for footer, header, sidebar glossy bar included
  • removed the -1 pixel font style
  • add archives, sitemap, links as requested
  • more clear and larger font post

Morning yall its 7am in the morning here in Malaysia..just woke up early and get this theme rolling. The theme is a upgrade modification from previous Nobus so the sponsors link still valid and will need to be intact for the usage. In any case hope you guys enjoy and find the theme useful to your site…i will be releasing more non-sponsored theme later in October so stay tune..zzzzzzzzz its early right now..:)..hehe…if any problems with the theme, feel free to address here awright..i’m out

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