Dezzain WordPress Theme – Goblin Den


Goblin Den is a dark shade widget-ready free WordPress theme.

Another free theme from Dezzain Studio includes a custom main page for a content-based structure blog. You can set the main page to present more content to maximize the view for bloggers that run or update their blog posts every day.

Main page had a 6:1 post different. If you config the post per page in the admin panel at 20 then I will show 6 post excerpt blocks and post content for the remaining post. In any case, you can edit how many post excerpt you want with the below step: open main.php and find 2 line

<?php$i = 1;if (have_posts()) :while (have_posts()) : the_post();if ( $i < 7 ) { ?>and<?php  }elseif ( $i > 7 ){ ?>

Change both lines to number (7) of the excerpt you like. The theme also includes archives, sitemap, and links template so you can create a page in the admin write page panel and browse to the template in the right admin bar. Goblin Den supports the following plugin:

  • MyBlogLog myavatar
  • Theme Switcher
  • Post Page-nav
  • Ultimate Tag Warrior

*plugin package will be included inside the theme package theme is released under GPL license and optimize code and less image usage for fast loading. Yeah..this theme has been delayed for a week now and due to a TWN update. The theme will be released here and WTC only and I’ll appreciate it if you guys/gals can spread the theme..:)…I find any bug..feel free to ask here…ok now if you guys haven’t entered your sandbox design for competition. it’s now or never..7 days to go..I will also try to submit one design before they close their door..:).

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