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Exploring the Features of the Unplag Plagiarism Checker

Nearly all lecturers agree that plagiarism is wrong, since it denies one an opportunity to learn and put into practice relevant skills that he or she might need in the future. However, despite fighting against the evil, many scholars have not been able to succeed in full. Today, most of them rely on plagiarism detection websites that spot and provide detailed information on any plagiarized work. One of them is

This is how Unplag differs from other similar tools is a modernized online plagiarism checker designed especially for teachers, professors, students and educational establishments. To meet most of their needs, Unplag conducted a number of surveys. Having gathered their feedback and recommendations, the Unplag team has developed the tool offering an array of features along with plagiarism detection, percentage of plagiarized content and a list of references from where a particular material was obtained.


Unlike most of plagiarism detection tools, Unplag checks go through three cycles of scans. This way Unplag ensures accurate scanning results. Here are a few more useful things about the service.

According to the Unplag support team, it can perform plagiarism checks within four seconds per page speed irrespective of the amount of files being scanned all at once. This way many users can save a lot of time, since the checker works smoothly without bugs or glitches.

Being designed for corporate use as well, Unplag can be integrated into its corporate users’ CRM, CMS or LMS. This can be done for less than an hour either by the Unplag support team or by the client’s IT specialists guided by Unplag. The system can also be used online anytime and from any browser. There’s no need to install any extra applications and programs. Additionally, Unplag boasts of having an efficient IT development team, who can easily customize the checker up to their clients’ needs.


The checker allows its individual users to email plagiarism reports without signing out or being charged some extra fee. Alternatively, the system provides downloadable .pdf reports of all plagiarized and original content with hyperlinks to the original sources.

Unplag options to enhance your productivity

As mentioned earlier, stands out because of its quality services and unique features such as scanning documents saved in different formats to running checks safely with active Unplag options. has the ability of checking documents in .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, .txt, .pdf and .html formats. Thus, one shouldn’t worry about having a document not checked for plagiarism simply because it’s saved in a format different from word document, which is the only format supported by 90% of online plagiarism checkers.

Scanning different files in background mode: With, you shouldn’t bother when it comes to working on other tasks on your PC while the scanning process goes on. Basically, the plagiarism detector has been made so, that it can work in the background without stopping.

Ability to connect to a customer desk at any time is another advantage of Unplag. Its standby help desk operates 24 hours a day letting you address all questions you have as soon as they arise. You can quickly reach any customer care representative via live chat, their official email address – or phone.

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