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Increase Your Organic Traffic using HashTag in Twitter and Facebook

Hashtag had been spreading like virus, you’ll see hashtag there, hashtag here everywhere in sign board, billboard and even on some business envelope i’ve received recently. People have been using hashtag by putting “#” before important words from their text, especially text updates on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Proper usage of Hashtag

Hashtag can be a single word or multiple words combine. One thing you should know is that hashtag do not allowed any space or special character. Here are some example:

Wrong way usage of hashtag
[notice type=”error”]#web-design #web+development #michael jordan[/notice]

Right way usage of hashtag
[notice type=”success”]#WebDesign #WebDevelopment #MichaelJordan[/notice]
better to capitalize in between 2 text so it won’t look like single line text.

Sample usage when submit updates in social media
[notice type=”info”]I recently watch #Godzilla movie and it is by far the #BestMovie so far…[/notice]

This way, it is more natural and doesn’t look like you’re doing tagging farm all over the social network.

Does Hashtag Really Help Generate Organic Traffic?

Actually i’ve been doing some testing on this. I’ve created a simple php functions in WordPress backend to track traffic and hits coming from hashtag search result and surprisingly the result are quite..well..suprising!!!…hehe…just want to make sure i haven’t bored you yet. Recently i tweeted a post:

[notice type=”info”]Just finished #redesign the site to #fluid #responsive layout. Previous layout design had to much white-space :)[/notice]

with targeted hastag to test and #responsive generated 113 unique hits from tweetsphere (twitter space).

Visitors from Social Media Loves Sharing

Why traffic from twitter or facebook are better? Simple…because visitors from social media space tend love to share and maybe had ‘thousands’ followers or fans. If they love your post and tweet it back, all their followers will also see the updates and will check out your site or posts. What’s better than that?

Good and Bad from social media traffic
Although there’s some discussion about the bad or downside of traffics from social media. Some claimed the traffic will not generated clicks if you’re an avid publisher and this will not increase any revenue even you have 500% increase in traffic.

Well you’ll need to judge it by yourself. Hopefully this post can bring more insight about hashtag usage and how it can help you?

Richie KS

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  1. Sung Callins

    This article is chockfull of great advice. I’m creating a website and I’m going to attach to my LinkedIn and make a company page on Facebook. I already had my Facebook settings to “Friends” only on everything to be sure. I’m uncomfortable with creating a “professional” page and asking friends to share it but I can see the value.

  2. mai

    Now I Get More Traffic To Your Blog
    Thank you

  3. maui

    Nice one Richie, I was really doubtful about this at first if it really gets traffic. good thing to know more .

  4. Min Hu Wen

    some increase traffic from after this. thx

    1. Richie KS

      yeap that maybe come from shortlink from twitter or facebook you submit your updates.

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