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Velle Elle is the newest release theme from Dezzain. The theme was designed with fresh pink and white coloured. A 3stripe white background and coded to compatible with latest WordPress platform version 2.2

Personally, I think this design was meant for the Ladies….:) since it comes in pink and I’m feeling kind of romantic all of sudden. Widgetize sidebar for themers customize their own sidebar and the theme also embeds with a couple of plugin such as:

  • Ultimate Tag Warrior
  • Myavatar
  • Flickr
  • Get Recent Comment
  • Most Commented Post

As usual, all the plugins are not necessary if you choose not to activate them since they will automatically go to the secondary function so it won’t affect much in the theme. I’m not very good at using the UTW so if you guys encounter any problems with the tag, feel free to post questions here ok…

Richie KS

The creator and author of Dezzain.com. He also a WordPress, BuddyPress, BBPress and Ecommerce Theme Developer.

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  1. Saree

    Did anyone manage to make “bold” and “italics” function work?? If yes, please let everyone know.

  2. breast

    Great theme, but i have a problem about tag cloud error it show that ”
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function utw_showcurrenttagset() in /home/public_html/xxxxxx/wp-content/themes/velle-elle/tag.php on line 9″. Please help me to fix it. Thank you.

  3. booblik

    that theme for girl blog? 😎

  4. Silkies

    This is a great idea!
    I love this theme, i’m going to use it for an new site.
    My friend just showed me this and it’s one of the better ones that Ive seen.

  5. Mufid

    Pink is my best friend color.

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